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Transcript of Whirlpool JQ 278 SL Instruction for Use

JQ 278 GB 1

INSTALLATION PRIOR TO CONNECTING ENSURE THAT THE APPLIANCE IS NOT DAMAGED. Check that the oven door closes firmly against the CHECK THAT THE VOLTAGE on the rating door support and that the internal door seal is plate corresponds to the voltage in not damaged. Empty the oven and clean the your home. interior with a soft, damp cloth. DO NOT REMOVE THE MICROWAVE INLET PROTEC- DO NOT OPERATE THIS APPLIANCE if it has a TION PLATES located on damaged mains cord or plug, if it is the side of the oven cavi- not working properly, or if it has been ty wall. They prevent grease damaged or dropped. Do not immerse & food particles from en- the mains cord or plug in water. Keep the tering the microwave inlet cord away from hot surfaces. Electrical channels. shock, fire or other hazards may result. PLACE THE OVEN ON A STABLE, EVEN DO NOT USE EXTENSION CORD: SURFACE that is strong enough IF THE POWER SUPPLY CORD IS TOO SHORT, have to hold the oven and the food utensils you put in it. a qualified electrician or serviceman install an Use care when handling. outlet near the appliance. Position the oven at a distance from other WARNING: Improper use of the grounding heating sources. For sufficient ventilation plug can result in a risk of electric shock. there must be a space of at least 30 cm above Consult a qualified electrician or serviceman if the oven. Ensure that the space underneath, the grounding instructions are not complete- above and around the oven is empty to allow ly understood, or if doubt exists as to whether for proper airflow. The microwave oven shall the microwave oven is properly grounded. not be placed in a cabinet. This oven is not in- tended to be placed or used on a working sur- face lower than 850 mm above the floor. AFTER CONNECTING THE EARTHING OF THIS APPLIANCE is compul- sory. The manufacturer will accept no THE OVEN CAN BE OPERATED ONLY if the oven door responsibility for injury to persons, ani- is firmly closed. mals or damage to objects arising from the non-observance of this requirement. POOR TELEVISION RECEPTION and radio interference may result if the oven is lo- cated close to a TV, radio or aerial. The manufacturers are not liable for any problems caused by the users failure to ob- serve these instructions. GB 3

IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS READ CAREFULLY AND KEEP FOR FUTURE REFERENCE THIS APPLIANCE CAN BE USED BY CHILDREN aged from 8 years and above and persons with DO NOT HEAT, OR USE FLAMMABLE MATERIALS reduced physical, sensory or mental capabil- in or near the oven. Fumes can cre- ities or lack of experience and knowledge if ate a fire hazard or explosion. they have been given supervision or instruc- tion concerning use of the appliance in a safe DO NOT USE YOUR MICROWAVE oven for way and understand the hazards involved. drying textiles, paper, spices, herbs, Cleanning and user main- wood, flowers or other combustible ma- tenance shall not be terials. Fire could result. made by children unless they are aged from 8 IF MATERIAL INSIDE / OUTSIDE THE OVEN SHOULD years and above and su- IGNITE OR SMOKE IS EMITTED, keep oven pervised. Children should door closed and turn the oven off. Dis- be supervised when using other heatsourc- connect the power cord or shut off pow- es (if available) separately or in combination er at the fuse or circuit breaker panel. with microwaves due to the high tempera- tures generated. DO NOT OVER-COOK FOOD. Fire could re- sult. THIS APPLIANCE IS NOT INTENDED FOR use by per-sons (including children) with reduced DO NOT LEAVE THE OVEN UNATTENDED, es- physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or pecially when using paper, plas- lack of experience and knowledge, un-less tic or other combustible materials in the they have been given supervision or in-struc- cooking process. Paper can char or burn tion concerning use of the appliance by a per- and some plastics can melt if used when son responsible for their safety. heating foods. Do not leave the oven unattended if you CHILDREN SHOULD BE SUPERVISED to ensure that are using a lot of fat or oil since they can they do not play with the appliance. overheat and cause a re! DO NOT USE YOUR MICROWAVE DO NOT USE corrosive chemicals or va- oven for heating any- pors in this appliance. This type of thing in airtight sealed oven is specifically designed to heat or containers. The pressure cook food. It is not designed for industri- increases and may cause al or laboratory use. damage when opening or may explode. DO NOT HANG OR PLACE heavy items on THE DOOR SEALS AND THE DOOR SEAL AREAS the door as this can damage the must be regularly inspected for dam- oven opening and hinges. The door age. If these areas are damaged the appli- handle should not be used for hanging ance should not be operated until it has things on. been repaired by a trained service techni- cian. THE APPLIANCE AND ITS ACCESSIBLE PARTS be- come hot during use.Care should THE APPLIANCES ARE NOT INTENDED to be op- be taken to avoid touching heating el- erated by means of an external timer or ments.Children less then 8 years of age separate remote-control system. shall be kept away unless continuously supervised. EGGS DO NOT USE YOUR MICROWAVE oven for cook- ing or reheating whole eggs with or without shell since they may explode even af- ter microwave heating has ended. 4 GB