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Transcript of Whirlpool ARB 531/G/WP/1 LH Instruction for Use

Your new appliances a combined fridge-freezer Keep this handbook for future consultation. exclusively for domestic use. 1. Aiter unpacking the appliance, make sure that the doors shut properly. Any damage B The freezercompartment canbe must be reported to your retailer within 24 hours after deliveroyf the appliance. used for freezing fresh and cooked food, making ice cubes, and storing frozen food. Defrosting the freezeisr a manual procedure. The refrigeratorcompartment, whichhasan 2. Waitat leasttwohourswithoutmoving automaticdefrost featurei.sused for the theappliancebeforeconnecting it to the power supply. storage of fresh food and beverages. To make optimumuseof your new appliance, 3. Appliance installation and electrical read this user handbook thoroughly, iats connections mustbe carried out by contains a description of the appliance and a qualified techniciann accordance with useful tips for storing food. the manufacturer's instructionsand local regulations. - . ENVlRONMENT.. - SAFEGUARDING THE & 1. Packing The packaging materiails 100%recyclable (marked with the recycle symbol). Follow local regulations for disposal. The packaging material {plastic bags, polystyrene parts, etc.) is potentially dangerous and mustbe kept outof reach af children. 2. Product The appliance is made using recyclable materials. When scrapping, followlocal waste disposal regulations. Make the appliance unusableby cutting off the power cord, Dispose ofthis appliance correctly. Take it to an authorised collection centre for the recovery of refrigerangt as. Information: This appliance doesnot contain CFCs (replaced with R134a) or HFCs - (replaced with R600a Isobutane). For more information, referto the rating plate affixed to the appliance.

Usethe refrigeratorcompartment onlyfor Declarationofconformity Storingfreshfood and beveragesand usethe This appliance is intendedto come into freezer compartmenot nly forstoringfrozen contact with foodstuffs and conforms food, freezing fresh food andmaking ice to D.L. 108 of 25.01.l 992 cubes. (European Directive 89/109/EEC). Do not cover or obstruct the air vents of the C appliance. Donot store liquids in glass containers in the freezercompartment - danger of bursting. This appliance is designed,builtandsoldin Do not eat ice cubes or ice lollies immediately compliance with: aftetrakingthemout of the freezer the safetyrequirements of the "LowVoltage" Compartment - risk of "cold" burns. Direc7ti3v/e23/EEC; To avoid the risk of children becoming the protectionrequirements of the "EMC" trapped and therefore suffocating, Direc8ti9v/e336/EEC, modified by do notallowthem to playor hide inside the Directive93/68/EEC; appliance. Do not ingest the contents (non-toxic) of the ice packs (if provided). Information Before carrying out maintenance or or Appliances with isobutane (R600a) cleaning, always unplug the appliance switcthpeowesruppolyff. lsobutaanise natural gas having low The power cable can only be replaced by an environmentalimpact.Caution is required, authorized person. however, becauselsobutane is inflammable. After installationmakesurethat the appliance Trehferirgeefroarnet, ceirncusuitredtohantotthgeept dipaemlinaegseodf. the is not restingon the supply cable. COMPARTMENT This appliance has two motors which allow Important: independent operation and controolf the refrigerator and freezer compartments. There is no need to adjust the compartment temperature usingthe thermostat knobor set Defrostingof the refrigerator compartmenits the temperature usingthe button completely automatic. (in electronic models),as the temperature is factory set(+5"for electronic models) The refrigeratorcan operate at ambient to ensure the correct storage temperature for temperatures between+l0C and +38"C. fresh foods at ambientemperatures Optimal peformanceis obtainedat temperatures between +20Cand +25"C. between +l6C and +32"C. After being switched on, the refrigerator Switching on the appliance needs approx.30 minutes to reach the correct temperatureto store a typical volume Press the refrigerator compartment"ON" of food in the refrigerator compartment. button (1). The inside light switches on when the refrigerator dooris opened. An acoustic alarm sounds whetnhe door has been left open for morethan 1 minute; it will switch off when the door is closed. GreenLED(2)switches on, indicating operation of the refrigerator Compartment.