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Transcript of Operating Instructions

Operating Instructions REFRIGERATOR Contents GBGB GB Installation, 2 English Positioning and connection HSZ3021VL Description of the appliance, 3 HSZ3022VL Overall view Start-up and use, 4-6 Starting the appliance Using the refrigerator to its full potential Using the freezer to its full potential Maintenance and care, 6 Switching the appliance off Cleaning the appliance Avoiding mould and unpleasant odours Defrosting the appliance Replacing the light bulb Precautions and tips, 7 General safety Disposal Respecting and conserving the environment Troubleshooting, 8 Guarantee, 9 After Sales Service, 10 Rapepg0liis8at4ne4cr8eyo2nu4orw24o2n4 PLEASE PHONE US TO REGISTER YOUR APPLIANCE AND ACTIVATE YOUR 5 YEAR PARTS GUARANTEE ON 08448 24 24 24 1

Description of the appliance Overall view GB The instructions contained in this manual are applicable to different model refrigerators. The diagrams may not directly represent the appliance purchased. For more complex features, consult the following pages. CONTROL PANEL Set TEMPERATURE ADJUSTMENT indicator light button SUPER COOL indicator light FREEZER and Removable shelf for STORAGE SMALL ITEMS compartment Removable lidded CONTROL PANEL shelf with EGG PURE WIND System TRAY* SHELVES Removable multipurpose Top drawers for HIGHLY SHELVES PERISHABLES FRUIT and VEGETABLE Compartment for a Bottom 2 LITRE BOTTLE FRUIT and VEGETABLE BOTTLE shelf drawer Varies by number and/or position. * Available only on certain models. PLEASE PHONE US TO REGISTER YOUR APPLIANCE AND ACTIVATE YOUR 5 YEAR PARTS GUARANTEE ON 08448 24 24 24 3

Start-up and use GB Starting the appliance a low value (colder), with large quantities of food and a high room temperature, the appliance may operate ! Before starting the appliance, follow the installation continuously, resulting in excessive frost formation and instructions (see Installation). excessive energy consumption: this may be avoided by ! Before connecting the appliance, clean the using the ADJUSTMENT button to set the temperature to compartments and accessories well with lukewarm water a higher value (warmer); automatic defrosting will then and bicarbonate. take place. 1. Plug the appliance in; make sure that the set SHELVES: with or without grill. TEMPERATURE indicator light is illuminated and Due to the special guides the showing the level +4. shelves are removable and 2. If necessary, use the relevant ADJUSTMENT button to the height is adjustable (see set the temperature to an intermediate value. After a few diagram), allowing easy storage hours you will be able to put food in the refrigerator. of large containers and food. Height can be adjusted without Using the refrigerator to its full potential complete removal of the shelf. The temperature inside the refrigerator compartment WINE AREA*: to store up automatically adjusts itself in accordance with the to three bottles of wine (see selected temperature level as displayed by the diagram). The air circulates corresponding indicator light. The selected temperature freely between the bottles indicates the desired level of refrigeration. guaranteeing rapid cooling. When not in use, close it to +8 = warmest increase the space on the shelf. +2 = coldest We recommend, however, an intermediate position is Use the ADJUSTMENT used (+4/+6). button to activate the SUPER COOL (rapid cooling) The cooling section of the refrigerator is located function, which will lower the temperature quickly. inside the back wall of the refrigerator compartment This is useful, for example, when you place a large for increased space and improved aesthetics. During number of new food items inside the refrigerator operation, the back wall will be covered in frost or and you need to counteract the slight rise in its water droplets depending on whether the compressor internal temperature. This function is automatically is operating or paused. Do not worry, the refrigerator is deactivated after the required amount of time has functioning normally. passed. PURE WIND SYSTEM Place only cold or lukewarm foods in the compartment, It is recognizable due to the presence of the mechanism not hot foods (see Precautions and tips). on the top part of the refrigerator compartment (see diagram). Remember that cooked foods do not last longer than raw foods. Do not store liquids in open containers. They will increase humidity in the refrigerator and cause condensation to form. Pure Wind System maximises air circulation, improving The top salad crispers, which are colder than the the efficiency of the evaporator and helping to achieve bottom one, are more suited to the preservation the optimal temperature inside the refrigerator as quickly of delicate fruits and vegetables such as: grapes, as possible each time it has been opened. The blown strawberries, figs, cherries, fruits of the forest, air (A) is cooled when it comes into contact with the mushrooms, asparagus, red tomatoes, artichokes cold wall, whereas the hotter air (B) is sucked up (see etc.; whereas the bottom crisper is ideal for storing diagram). pineapples, avocados, citrons, lemons etc. If the temperature adjustment system has been set to * Available only on certain models. PLEASE PHONE US TO REGISTER YOUR APPLIANCE AND ACTIVATE YOUR 5 YEAR PARTS GUARANTEE ON 08448 24 24 24 4