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Transcript of Operating Instructions

Operating Instructions REFRIGERATOR/FREEZER COMBINATION GB Contents English GB IN CH 310 AA VE I UK Installation, 2 Positioning and connection Description of the appliance, 3-4 Overall view Control panel Start-up and use, 5-6-7-8 Starting the appliance Using the display Using the refrigerator to its full potential Using the freezer to its full potential Maintenance and care, 9 Switching the appliance off Cleaning the appliance Avoiding mould and unpleasant odours Defrosting the appliance Replacing the light bulb Precautions and tips, 10 General safety Disposal Respecting and conserving the environment Troubleshooting, 11 Assistance, 12

Description of the appliance Overall view GB The instructions contained in this manual are applicable to different model refrigerators. The diagrams may not directly represent the appliance purchased. For more complex features, consult the following pages. A.I.R. SYSTEM Removable lidded shelf with EGG TRAY SHELVES Removable multipurpose FRUIT and SHELVES VEGETABLE bin CONTROL PANEL Compartment for A 2 LITRE BOTTLE FREEZER and BOTTLE shelf STORAGE compartment STORAGE compartments Varies by number and/or position. 3

Control panel MODE SELECT FREEZER button button OPERATION and GB APPLIANCE ON/OFF SUPER COOL SUPER FREEZE Knob REFRIGERATOR function function OPERATION Knob REFRIGERATOR HOLIDAY ICE PARTY FREEZER COMPARTMENT function function COMPARTMENT setting setting REFRIGERATOR OPERATION Knob SUPER FREEZE function This knob turns the refrigerator compartment on or Displays the status (disabled, selected or enabled) of off and enables you to set the relative operating the SUPER FREEZE function (rapid freezing). temperatures. ICE PARTY function MODE button Displays the status (disabled, selected or enabled) of This button allows you to navigate the display to have the ICE PARTY function (maximum speed in cooling a access to the various settings/functions and to turn off warm bottle and serving it at the table in the special the alarm buzzers. bucket designed to maintain the temperature reached by the bottle). REFRIGERATOR COMPARTMENT setting Displays the temperature set in the fridge FREEZER COMPARTMENT setting compartment and when the fridge compartment is Displays the temperature set in the freezer turned OFF (word OFF indicated). compartment and when the appliance is turned OFF (word OFF indicated). SUPER COOL function Displays the status (disabled, selected or enabled) of SELECT button the SUPER COOL function (rapid cooling of the This button selects/deselects the different functions refrigerator compartment). and turns off the alarm buzzers. HOLIDAY function FREEZER OPERATION and APPLIANCE ON/OFF Knob Displays the status (disabled, selected or enabled) of This knob turns the whole appliance on or off and the HOLIDAY FUNCTION (optimal temperatures with enables you to set the freezer compartment operating the minimum consumption in the event of prolonged temperatures. absence). 4