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Transcript of Whirlpool EDPV 6740 IN Instruction for Use Page 92 Monday, October 11, 2010 11:22 AM INSTRUCTION FOR USE BEFORE USING THE GLASS CERAMIC HOB INSTALLATION ELECTRICAL CONNECTIONS ENERGY SAVING TIPS SAFEGUARDING THE ENVIRONMENT PRECAUTIONS AND GENERAL RECOMMENDATIONS HOB ACCESSORIES CARE AND MAINTENANCE OF THE GLASS CERAMIC HOB TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE AFTER-SALES SERVICE 92 Page 94 Monday, October 11, 2010 11:22 AM INSTALLATION Assembly Fig. 1 A A) If the worktop is made of wood, use the appropriate C Fig. 2 B brackets, spring clips and screws provided. A Position the 4 clips (A), if not already fitted, around the hob frame, in the slots provided, see Fig. 1 Measure the centre of the vertical sides of the cut-out as shown in Fig. 2. Position the centre of the brackets (C) on the centre of the side previously identified. The upper edge of the brackets must be flush with the worktop surface. Secure by means of the 4 screws (B) provided, using the pre-drilled holes. Insert the hob into the pre-prepared hole ensuring that the clips (A) lodge into the bracket slots provided (C Fig. 4 and 5). Fig. 3 Fig. 4 Fig. 5 B) If the worktop is made of marble, ceramic, stone, plastic materials, etc., order the installation kit, code 4812 310 19277 from an authorized after-sales service. 94 Page 95 Monday, October 11, 2010 11:22 AM ELECTRICAL CONNECTIONS Electrical connection must be made before connecting the appliance to the electricity supply. The appliance must be installed by a qualified electrician who is fully aware of current safety and installation regulations. Specifically, installation must be B A carried out in compliance with the regulations of the local electricity supply company. Make sure that the voltage indicated on the rating plate corresponds to the voltage in your home. Regulations require that the appliance be earthed: use conductors (including the earth conductor) of the appropriate size only. The manufacturer declines all liability for injury to persons or animals and for damage to property resulting from failure to observe the above regulations. For the electrical connection use a H05RR-F type cable as indicated in the table below: Power supply voltage. Conductors Amount x size 230V ~ + 3 X 2.5 mm2 230-240V ~ + 3 X 2.5 mm2 (Australia only) 230V 3~ + 4 X 1.5 mm2 400V 3N ~ + 5 X 1.5 mm2 400V 2N ~ + 4 X 1.5 mm2 The appliance must be connected to the electricity supply by means of an all-pole disconnect switch with minimum contact gap of 3 mm. Attention: the power supply cable must be long enough to allow the hob to be removed from the worktop and must be positioned so as to avoid damage or overheating caused by contact with the base. Connecting to the terminal board Note: the yellow/green earth wire must be connected to the terminal with the symbol and must be longer than the other wires. Remove approx. 70 mm of the cable sheath from the power supply cable (B). Strip approx. 10 mm of sheath from the wires. Then insert the power supply cable into the cable clamp and connect the wires to the terminal block as indicated in the connection diagram placed close to the terminal block itself. Secure the power supply cable (B) by means of the cable clamp. Close the terminal board with the cover (A) securing it with the screw provided. After the electrical connection, fit the hob from the top and hook it to the support springs, following the diagram. 95