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Transcript of Whirlpool LDE7800W1 Operating instructions

Electric Dryer

1. A three-wire or four-wire single phase 120/240 volt 60 IMPORTANT: Hz AC only electrical supply (or three-wire or four-wire OBSERVE ALL GOVERNING CODES AND ORDINANCES 120/208 volt if specified on nameplate) is required on a separate 30 ampere circuit, fused on both sides of the line 5. CAUTION: For mobile home installatrons, the appliance (time-delay fuse or circuit breaker is recommended). Do wiring must be revised, The appliance frame must not be NOT fuse neutral. connected to the neutral terminal, but must be connected to the ground wire (green) of the power supply cord, 2. THE DRYER MUST BE CONNECTED WITH COPPER WIRE ONLY. Aluminum wire must not be used to avoid If four-wire receptacle of NEMA Type 14.30R is used (see potentially unsatisfactory connections. figure below), a matching UL listed power supply cord 3. Loca codes may permit the use of a flexible type 30 ampere U L listed power supply cord (pigtail) with no (pigtail) for mobile homes must be used. This cord con- smaller than No. IO copper wire to match three-wire receptacle of NEMA Type IO-30R shown in the following tains four No. 10 copper conductors with spade or ring figure. A suitable strain relief must be provided at the point tne power supply cord enters the appliance. terminals on dryer end terminating in a NEMA type 14-30P plug on supply end. The fourth (grounding) con- ductor must be identified by a green cover and the neutral conductor by a white cover. Cord should be Type SRD or SRDT, with strain relief and be at least 4 feet long. The power supply cord and strain relief are not provided with the dryer. 3 WIRE RECEPTACLE I WARNING: Do not plug the power supply cord 4 WIRE RtCEPTACLE before connectrng (prgtarl) Into a live wall receptacle block. the pigtarl to the dryer terminal I 4. The appliance may be connected directly to the fused disconnect (or circuit breaker) box through flexible armored or non-metallic sheathed copper cable. Allow two or three feet of slack in the line between the wall and the appliance so that it can be moved if servicing is ever necessary. A suitable strain relief must be provided at each end of the power supply cord (at the appliance and at the RECEPTACLE junction box). Wire sizes (COPPER WIRE ONLY) and Typical 30 ampere receptacles for use where local codes permit use of flexible power supply cord (pigtail). connections must conform with the rating of the appliance (30 amperes). Do not use an extension cord.

EXHAUST SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS 1. CAUTION: FOR YOUR PERSONAL SAFETY DO NOT 5. Exhaust outlet at rear of the dryer is located as shown in Figure 2. Detailed instructions on spacing from side and EXHAUST DRYER INTO A CHIMNEY, FURNACE COLD rear clearances can be found in the section "Instructions for Recessed or Closet Installations." lnformatron on minimurn AIR DUCT OR ANY OTHER COMMON DUCT, ATTIC OR spacing side to side and to the rear is also found on a label located on back panel. CRAWL SPACE. ACCUMULATED LINT COULD BECOME A FIRE HAZARD OR MOISTURE COULD CAUSE DAM- AGE. DO NOT USE 3 INCH EXHAUST DUCT 2. You can get the parts you need for installation from your l~hirlpool parts distributor or your local plumbing and heating store. 3. We strongly recommend exhaustrng the dryer to the outside to prevent large amounts of morsture and lint from berng blown into the room. 4. If you cannot exhaust yout- dryer to the outside, use Exhaust Deflector Kit LCK4000 available from your Whirlpool dealer. See FIG. 1. t EXHAUST OUTLET LOCATION (REAR OF DRYER) FIGURE 2 P 6. We strongly recommend exhausting with 4 inch diameter rigid METAL duct. We strongly recommend METAL flexible duct if you use flexible duct. Flexible aluminum duct is available from your Whirlpool dealer or parts distributor. NEVER USE SMALLER THAN 4 INCH EXHAUST DUCT.