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Transcript of Whirlpool RF3365XW User's Manual

RANGE Continuous-Cleaning Model RF3365XW `ashen. Clolhes Dryers Freezers Relr~geralor-Freezer Ice Makers. DIshwashers. Bu~ll-In Ovens and Surlace Units, Ranges, Microwave Ovens. Trash Compacl

IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS To reduce the rlsk of fire, electrlcal shock, Injury to persons, or damage when using the range, follow basic precauffons, lncludlng l Read all instructions before using faces may result in burns from the range. steam. Do not let potholder touch hot heating elements. Do not use 0 Install or locate the range only in a towel or bulky cloth for a pot- accordance with the provided holder. They could catch on fire. Installation Instructtons. It is recom- mended that the range be in- l Select a pan with a flat bottom stalled by a qualified installer. The that is about the same size as range must be properly con- the surface unit. If pan is smaller nected to electrical supply and than the surface unit, some of grounded. the heating element will be exposed and may result in the 0 Do not use the range for warm- igniting of clothing or potholders. ing or heating the room. Persons Correct pan size also improves could be burned or injured, or cooking efficiency. a fire could start. l Never leave surface units unat- l Do not leave children alone or tended at high heat settings. A unattended in area where the boil-over could result and cause range is in use. They should never smoking and greasy spill+vers be allowed to sit or stand on any that may ignite. par-f of the range. They could be burned or injured. l Make sure the reflector bowls are in place during cooking. l Do not wear loose or hanging Cooking without reflector bowls garments when using the range. may subject the wiring and They could ignite if they touch a components underneath them hot surface unit or heating ele- to damage. ment and you could be burned. l Do not line reflector bowls with 0 Do not repair or replace any aluminum foil or other liners. part of the range unless specifi- Improper installation of these cally recommended in this man- liners may result in a risk of ual. All other servicing should electric shock or tire. be referred to a qualified technician. l Check to be sure glass cooking utensils are safe for use on the l Do not store flammable mate- cooktop. Only certain types of rials in or near the range. They glass, glass ceramic, ceramic, could explode or burn. earthenware or other glazed utensils are suitable for cooktops 0 Do not use water on grease fires. without breaking due to the Never pick up a flaming pan. sudden change in temperature. Smother flaming pan on cook- top by covering with a well-fitted l Turn pan handles inward, but lid, cookie sheet or flat tray. Flam- not over other surface units. This ing grease outside of pan can will help reduce the chance be extlnguished with baking of burns, igniting of flammable soda or, if available, a multipur- materials, and spills due to pose dry chemical or foam-type bumping of the pan. extinguisher. l Do not soak removable heating l Use only dry potholders. Moist elements in water. The element or damp potholders on hot sur- continued on next p

will be damaged and shock or l Do not touch surface units, areas fire could result. near units, heating elements or interior surfaces of oven. Surface l Use care when opening oven units and heating elements may door. Let hot air or steam escape be hot even though they are before removing or replacing dark in color. Areas near surface food. units and interior surfaces of an oven become hot enough to l Do not heat unopened con- cause burns. During and after tainers. They could explode. The use, do not touch, or let clothing hot contents could cause burns or other flammable materials and container particles could contact surface units, areas near cause injury units, heating elements or interior surfaces of oven until they have l Keep range vents unobstructed. had sufficient time to cool. Other surfaces of the range may l Always position oven racks in become hot enough to cause desired location while oven is burns; such as, the oven vent cool. If rack must be moved opening, the surface near the while oven is hot, do not let ventopening,thecooktop,the potholder contact hot heating oven door and window. element in oven. . FOR YOUR SAFETY l l Do not clean door seal. It is essential for a good seal. Care DO NOT STORE OR USE GASOLINE should be taken not to rub, damage, or move the seal. OR OTHER FLAMMABLE VAPORS Clean only parts recommended in this Use and Care Guide. AND LIQUIDS IN THE VICINITY OF l Do not use oven cleaners. No THIS OR ANY OTHER APPLIANCE. commercial oven cleaner or oven liner protective coating of THE FUMES CAN CREATE A FIRE any kind should be used in or around any part of the oven. HAZARD OR EXPLOSION. l Do not store things children might want above the range. Children could be burned or injured while climbing on it. - SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS - Thank you for buying a Whirlpool appliance. Please complete and mall the Owner Reglsfraflon Card provided with this product. Then complete the form below. Have this information ready if you need service or call with a question. l Copy model and serial numbers Modet Number from plate (behind the oven door on the oven frame) and purchase Serial Number date from sales slip. Purchase oate l Keep this book, the Cooking Guide and sales slip together in a handy place. Service Company Phone Number