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Transcript of EN Operating Instructions

TURBO EN Operating Instructions


en PARTS AND FEATURES appliance to the nearest 1. Speed-adjusting dial authorized service 2. ON/OFF button 3. Turbo button facility for examination, 4. Motor unit 5. Blender attachment repair or electrical or 6. Beaker 7. Beaker soft lid mechanical adjustment. 8. Whisk attachment (only on some models) 9. Bowl lid (only on some models) 4. If the supply cord 10. Chopper blade (only on some models) 11. Bowl (only on some models) is damaged it must 12. Bowl soft lid be replaced by the Read this manual thoroughly before using and save it for future reference manufacturer or a IMPORTANT INFORMATION authorized service ON SAFETY agent or a qualified Before using the electrical appliance, the following technician in order to basic precautions should always be followed avoid a hazard. including the following: 1. Read all instructions. 5. Unplug from outlet when 2. Before using check not in use, before putting that the voltage of wall outlet correspond to the on or taking off parts, one shown on the rating plate. and before cleaning. 3. Do not operate any appliance with a always disconnect the damaged cord or plug or after the appliance blender from the supply malfunctions, or is dropped or damaged if it is left unattended in any manner. Return and before assembling, disassembling or cleaning; 6. Do not let cord hang over edge of table or hot surface. 7. Do not immerse upper part of blender into water as this would give rise to electric shock. 8. Close supervision is 4