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Transcript of Whirlpool ARC 5513 Installation

PRODUCT SHEET GB Recommended thermostat position is Med. Note: The internal temperatures are affected by the room temperature, frequency of opening the doors, as well as location of the appliance. Adjust the thermostat knob depending on these factors. Fan (depending on the model) The fan gives more even temperature distribution inside the refrigerator compartment, allowing better preservation of stored food Important: Do not obstruct the air intake area (7a) with food items. A. Refrigerator Compartment Fan with a button To fit the fan press the button (7b). It is advisable to activate 1. Lighting the fan when the ambient air temperature is over 27 28C 2. Shelves / Shelf area or if you perceive drops of water on the glass shelves or in the 2a. Depending on the model: severe humidity conditions. Important: - Wire grid shelf with "Smart shelf" The fan will run ONLY when the compressor is in - Plastic "dual shelf" operation.Remember to turn off the fan when there is a 3. Cooler compartment (depending on the model) lower ambient air temperature. 4. Rating plate 5. Crisper drawer/drawers Fan without a button 6. Divider (depending on the model) An electronic system automatically turn on and turn off the 7. Fan with antibacterial filter (depending on the model) fan. 8. Separator Important: 9. Removable bottle holder The fan will run ONLY when the compressor is in 10. Door trays operation. B. Freezer Compartment The anti-bacterial filter ensures a higher level of hygiene in 11. Upper basket (freezing zone) your refrigerator through continuous purifying of circulating 12. Ice tray air from bacteria. Remove it from the box (found in the 13. Storage basket for frozen food items crisper drawer (item 5) and insert into the grille (item 7c). 14. The freezer door trays for pizza or other frozen products Replace the filter every 6 months. 1. Remove the filter together with the grille and dispose as a with a short storage time (depending on the model) whole. C. Control panel 2. Replace the filter and the grille with the new ones. Note: The number and type of shelves, as well as 3. The replacement procedure is attached with the filter. configuration of accessories may vary, depending on the Our After-sales Service can supply this type of filter. model. All shelves and door trays are removable. Attention: The appliance accessories are not suitable for Light - how to replace the bulb washing in a dishwasher. The fridge-freezer is turned on by means of the thermostat Before replacing the bulb, remove the power plug from the located in the upper section of the housing or on the front mains socket. Next: panel. The thermostat adjusts temperature in both compartments. 1. Hold the diffuser as shown and squeeze it slightly. 2. Slide it towards the rear of the appliance The control panel functions 3. Unscrew the light bulb as illustrated in the picture. The thermostat knob (depending on the model) Adjusting temperature inside the appliance: Knob in position 0/Off: the appliance is turned off. Knob in position 1-min: minimum cooling intensity. Knob in position 7-max: maximum cooling intensity. 5019 637 01015