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Transcript of Whirlpool RC8436XA Specifications

Whid 01 -lP UseAndCare r - 1A Note To You 2 Important SafeQ Instructions 3 Parts And Features 5 Using Your Cooktop 6 Caring For Your Cooktop 9 If You Need Assistance Or Service 12 Warranty 16 1-800-253-1301 Call us with questions or comments. ELECTRIC SOLID ELEMENT COOKTOP we MODELS RC8436XA RC8430XA

Important Safety Instructions To reduce the risk of fire, electrical shock, injury to persons, or damage when using the cooktop, follow basic precautions, including the following: General l Read all instructions before are dark in color. Areas near using the cooktop. surface units become hot enough to cause burns. During l Install or locate the cooktop onl and after use, do not touch, or in accordance with the provide J let clothing or other flammable Installation Instructions. The materials contact surface units cooktop must be installed by a or areas near units until they qualified installer. The cooktop have had sufficient time to must be properly connected to cool. electrical supply and grounded. `\ l CAUTION: Do not store things children might want above the 43 cookto . Children could be l Do not wear loose or hanging burne cpor injured while climbing on it. garments when using the cooktop. The could ignite if l Do not leave children alone or the touch a i ot surface unit unattended in area where the an cr you could be burned. cooktop is in use. They should * Use only dry potholders. Moist never be allowed to sit or stand or damp potholders on hot on any part of the cooktop. surfaces ma result in burns They could be burned or in- from steam. b 0 not let jured. potholder touch hot surface units. Do not use a towel or l Do not operate the cooktop if it bulky cloth for a potholder. is damaged or not working It could catch on fire. properly. l Do not heat unopened contain- l Do not use the cooktop for ers. They could explode. The warming or heatin the room. hot contents could cause burns Persons could be %urned or and container particles could injured, or a fire could start. cause injury. * Use the cooktop only for its l Do not store flammable materi- intended use as described in als on or near the cookto . The this manual. fumes can create an exp Posion and/or fire hazard. llldlll a l Do not touch surface units or areas near units. Surface units may be hot even though they continued on next page 3

When usina the cooktor, Grease @Select a pan with a flat bottom l Grease is flammable. Do that is about the same size as not allow grease to collect the surface unit. If pan is around cooktop. Wipe smaller than the surface unit, spillovers immediately. some of the heating element will be exposed and may result l Do not use water on grease pa:"heol~~~~.n~~~r~~t~~~~~e fires. Never pick up a flaming pan. Smother flaming pan on also improves cooking ran e by coverin with a efficiency. wel B-fitted lid, coo9(ie sheet or l Check to be sure glass cooking flat tray. Flaming grease utensils are safe for use on the outside of pan can be extin- cooktop. Only certain types of uished with baking soda or, glass, glass-ceramic, ceramic, 3I available, a multipurpose earthenware or other glazed dry chemical or foam-type utensils are suitable for cook- extinguisher. tops without breaking due to the sudden change in temperature. Care and cleaning l Never leave surface units unat- tended at hi h heat settings. A l Do not repair or replace any boilover cou7d result and cause part of the cooktop unless smoking and greasy spillovers specifically recommended in that may ignite. this manual. All other servic- ing should be referred to a l Turn pan handles inward, but qualified technician. not over other surface units. This will help reduce the chance l Disconnect the electrical of burns, igniting of flammable sup ly before servicing the materials, and spills due to coo Rtop. bumping of the pan. - SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS - 4