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. C A S CITY, MICHIGAN C A S CITY CHRONICLE--WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 13,1986 PAGE THREE ....... . by John Haire get to help.) This can't be August. In August you never have to mow A few months ago, a I didn't remember who children of his own. He the lawn once a week. knew I wrote for a news- woman on the elevator Edward was, but my wife paper, but I never asked ******** what he did, or if he were asked me to tell my wife did. She cried when I gave retired. that Edward died. I didn't her the elevator message Once in a while, through the years, my wife or I The summer doldrums are here. The boob tube has want to ask "Edward that he was dead. Edward would make a special effort nothing but reruns and the fun went out of watching the was a rather large dog of to learn the nice man's Tigers when they blew it all against Boston. who?" name. But then he wouldn't share our elevator for ******** The big difference bet- indeterminate heritage. months, and by the time we finally saw him again, the ween living in an ordinary We'd both seen him on the name was forgotten again. house and a high-rise apart- elevator many times, al- I never got a chance to tell the nice man I was ment building is the ways with the man who sorry about the death of Ed- ward. And now I'm much Restaurant report: In Boyne City there is Number 1 elevators. Probably 800 owned him. sorrier, because, last week, the nice man died. Water Street, in Harbor Springs, The Pier, and in Bay View people live in our building. My wife always gushed From his one-paragraph (just east of Petoskey), the Bay View Inn. During the past 10 years, over Edward, which isn't obituary, I learned more All are run by the Staffords and all serve fine meals. (The than from living in the I've seen most of them on unusual for her. She gushes same building with him for Caesar's salad is excellent.) The best of the bunch is the 10 years. His name was W. Sunday brunch at the Bay View Inn overlooking Little TAMMY ISELER (left) and Tracy Grindey are the elevator, but usually I over all children, plants Allistair Sinclair. His Traverse Bay. It costs $11for adults and is worth it. There presented $750 Cass City Lions Club scholarship grants by friends probably called him is no booze a t the Inn, but I understand you can bring your John Maharg. don't know their names. and animals except snakes. Al. Survivors include his wife, a daughter, four own if you must. The other 2 restaurants offer liquor. Iseler and Grinder receive The faces are familiar; She touches them and says grandchildren and one J great-grandson. **+***** we usually say "hello" and dopey things. I've always Lions Club scholarships That's life in a high-rise, . Next February the Chronicle will be running a special maybe chat about the said it will serve her right where you never know historical picture review. One of the features in it will be who's there until the weather. But we don't know when an Airedale bites off elevator door opens. He (with your help) pictures of old-time schools. The numerous was such a nice man, but I now extinct country schools as well a s the various high anything about each other. her finger, but it's never never called him Al. He had schools that served Cass City are needed. Any old time a great-grandson and I pictures will be considered. All will be returned. We don't know if we'll meet happened, even when I didn't even know it. That ******** again on the elevator later said, "Sic her, boy, sic her." that day, or not see each I used to think it was makes me cry* other for a year. Our con- dumb for high-rise resi- tact is controlled solely by dents to own dogs. I'd watch READ THE the chance push of an them take their mutts down Cmhroanic!le!!! elevator button. the elevator to sniff trees a t mt Two weeks ago 1 wrote midnight in zero weather, THEY CAN about going down the Giant and I'd snicker a t their -Faxf! Slide on Belle Isle with foolishness. But I soon It wasn't too long ago that nearly all the banks issuing Tammy Iseler, 18, who aid grants presented by the John Maharg, of the granddaughter Emily. A came to understand how Lions Club, said the Visa and Master Charge cards charged an annual fee. Now earned a 4-point perfect Cass City Lions Club. scholarship presentation is few days later, a man on much the companionship of that interest rates have plunged the shoe is on the other grade average a t Cass City Tammy, daughter of the 8th for the Lions since the elevator said he owns these pets must mean to the its inception. foot. High School, and Tracy Dale and Kathy Iseler, 5089 the Giant Slide. I've seen people they lived with, and "We're trying to expand Monday morning the Haires received an invitation from a Grindey, who had a 3.165 Schwegler Road, plans to our aid to top scholars him on the elevator many my thinking became more through the club program. California bank to use its Visa card and will pay us one point average, were reci- attend Washington Univer- times, for many years, but ocwhanr.itable. To each his We originally offered just had no idea he was con- percent of any purchases we make to do so. pients of $750 scholarship sity a t St. Louis, MO, and nected with that fearful so I also felt bad when 1 one scholarship, that major in business administ- amountingto $250.But each slide. Giant Slide owner- realized Edward was the year it gets bigger and we ration, starting this fall. awarded two grants this ship is not a subject that big dog with the nice man. year for the first time." Tracy, daughter of Mike often comes up in ordinary That's how my wife and I The club pays for the `Businessslow in Novesta and Norma Bigelow, 6742 scholarship grants from - elevator conversation. Pine Street, plans to attend fund-raising activities and always referred to Ed- `Central Michigan Univer- donations, Maharg said. Now I'm eager for him to ward's master "that nice sity, where she will major get on the same elevator man." We could never re- There was little action'at She said they paid some of 2 miles on Severance in math. Both Tammy and with Emily and me so I can member his name, but we the monthly meeting of bills which included paging Road. Tracy have won other Novesta Township, accord- the road commission a little scholarship grants which impress her by introducing always remembered how ing to clerk Nursie Kloc. over $21,000 for the paving At the July meeting Keith will help pay costs of their college educations. him as the owner of the nice he was. He always Little approached the board suggesting that the slide that scared the devil smiled and said something out of grandpa. It could friendly . land where the Novesta happen next week, but with Sometimes the nice man Church of Christ was for- four elevators, 28 floorsand would get on the elevator merly located be donated 300 apartments, the odds when I was with a grand- to the township if the are against it. It might not child. He invariably said township helped with clean- happen until 1988. By then, something nice to them. He up costs. Kloc explained I hope I still remember his was older than I, but I never that the church land has name is John Howell. asked him if he had grand- ALL YOU CAN EAT been cleaned up and that it Professional baseball at joined one of the thriving r I ..-- EVERYDAY was not legal for the the major league level is minor leagues and how he LA5311XP Design 2000' Washer township to enter into Lit- riding a wave of popularity did was closely watched by 1 French$ gg tle's suggested arrange- that's greater than at any ment. She said that the next other time in history. It's a all who knew him. Toast step is for Little to present a petition to the board cal- lead pipe cinch to remain Contrast that with today ? At Pizza Villa z ling for a special meeting so as long as my generation when just about the only 3 With This Coupon 2 for the purpose of discus- is around to enjoy it. baseball played is in high Whirlpool sion and a decision about L m g term you have to Model LA5311XP I) 3 the township purchasing school, in minor leagues, at Design 2000' Washer 0 the land on which the old wonder if it will remain on colleges and the various I Phone 872-4440or 072-4371 church was located. kids' leagues. 0 Large Load Capacity Y top in fan appeal. If you dis- I Expires 8-25-86 Money card the interest in the In high school and col- Space-Saving 27" Width I I leges there's really not that I One coupon per family - I taken in major leagues, baseball much interest in the game. 5 Automatic Wash C des: Even without a gate admis- REGULAR/HEAV Y. R E GULAR . I Not good with any other coupon, I break-in has been losing out for the sion, about all you'll find PERMANENT PRESS. SHORT I last 4.0years. watching are a few &SOAK LI -------dCOIJPON The Pizza Villa in Cass diehards and relatives and ---w----~ City was broken into some- There was a time, you 0 3 Water Level Selections time between 10-10:30 Sun- friends of the players. OPEN I 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily day, Aug. 3,and6 a.m. Mon- know, when baseball was 3 Water Temperature Combina- Fri. & Sat. Open 24 hours day morning, Aug. 4, ac- If baseball does remain tions lor WasWRinsr: HOT/ cording to the Cass City played in every town and 4 COLD WAFlM/COLD 8 police. popular, it's the Little, COLDICOLD corners in the country. Carol Furness, manager, Watching the town's team Pony and Babe Ruth SURGILATOR` Agitator pro- told police that $128 was leagues that will do it. vides thorough. carelul washing taken from the money on a Sunday afternoon was While the great majority of !or any size load drawer. The incident is as much a part of our cul- under investigation. ture as a back yard bar- the players on these teams Eesy-Clean Agitator4ounted becue is today. will drop out of baseball be- Lint Filter fore they enter high school, Making the high school 1 Wash & 1 Spin Speed they learn the basics of the baseball team was a badge 0 Automatic Cool-Down Care game. They know enough tor Permanent Press garments of honor and many schools to appreciate a good play had baseball teams, but did when they see it. 0 Polypropylene Outer Tub not play football or track at Because baseball is as 0 TOUGH-TOP" Polyester Finish all. American as apple pie, on Galvanized Steel lop 6 l i d From the semi-pro town most dads take little Johnny to see a major Special Wide-Opening Top teams the best players league game. When Johnny has kids of his own, he re- Self-Balancing Inner Basket MOE members and wants the WINCH ESTER sameexperiencefor his Lit- Fronl-Mounted, Hsrvy-Duty tle Leaguer. Baseball lives on nostalgia. Motor 4 Pump W h y it should be impor- Opmrmting Instructions tant if a team of paid Insldt Lid athletes from all over the THUMB PETROLEUM country should win or lose Whirlpool Model LA5311XP Design 2000" Washer SERVICE is hard to explain. Large Load Capacity...but only 27" wide 5 Automatic ARE NOW SERVING THE As a dyed-in-the-wool Wash Cycles 3 Water Levels Easy-Clean Lint Filter 6 GAGETOWN AND OWENDALE AREAS Tiger fan, I rejoice when SURGILATOR' Agitator e Automatic Cool-Down Care they win and worry when they lose. I do it even More. though I know that it really with And PperotrdoMle&um doesn't make any differ- $359s= Service After Quality ence at all. The sun would The still rise in the east if PfOaUCtI JW another baseball game W.T. Sale! were never played. * * Gasoline Motor Oil ~lArnti-Freeze * Motor Oil Really, the major league * Diesel Fuel Hydraulic Oil Farm Equipment * K-1 Kerosene Analysis owners do very little to see e * * Fuel Oil filters * Grease L Gear *More For You that the game continues as it is today. Just as corpora- SERVING FARM HOME lubes Kendall tions invest in research, it seems awfully shortsighted @ INDUSTRY that teams won't spend a few more bucks to keep baseball alive at the Little League level. If it falls away there as it has everywhere else, what re- mains? Nothing that mat- ters. That would be too bad, too. A day at a baseball game is a wonderful way to spend some time with the family. According to some re- searchers, celery has nega- tive calories. It takes more calories to eat a piece of celery than the celery has in it to begin with.