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TKiffl TRASHMASHER" 3 01 Compactor TU 4000 Series TF 4500 Senes TU 8000 Senes TF 8500 Series (built-in model) (built-in model) (free standing model) and (free standing model) (shown) s. freezers. Refrigerator-Freezers. Ice Makers. DIshwashers. Bwlt-In Ovens and Surface Units. Ranges, MIcrowave Ovens. Trash Compactors. Room Air Condltmners. Oehumld

Your [email protected] TF, `TU Model Series &iiiiG$ y Key-K-nob Restart Light- Atr Freshener . I Compartment (TF 8500 TU 8000 Series) . Model-Serl-rl Number Plate Drawer Handle Bag Retainers (TF 8500TU 8000 SerIesI Color Front Panel Pack Air Freshener / Baa Carrier Handle I 4500/TU4000 Series) (T<8500'TU 8000 Series Lever-Actlo' Lock Touch-Toe Bar Drawer Opener (TF 8500'TU 800 Adjustable Toe Plate A' Literature Storage (TF 8500 TU 8000 Series) Now is the fill 1r-1the spaces below. You WIII need thrs Information If you call for service or assistance. Record all letters and numbers. There is no warranty registration card to be returned. klodel No -ier,~ce Company Telephone NO SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS

Using Your TRASHMASHER'Compactor 1. Open the drawer. Lift and pull the handle or press the Touch-Toe Bar ITF 8500 TU 8000 Model Series) to open the drawer 2. Put in the trash. l Load almost any kind of trash. l Wrap or cover wet or messy trash. l Load bottles or cans on their sides In the center of the drawer DO NOT compact: l Any container or aerosol cans which might contain poisonous or explosive products l Cloths or cans contalnlng paint liquids, thinners. etc. which would create a fire hazard l Items that may develop offensive odors such as raw meat. fish. grapefruit rinds. disposable diapers, or personal hygiene items. NOTE: Your TRASH MASHER' Compactor IS designed for household use 3. Close the drawer; turn the key-knob to START; let the Em 1 knob go. l The compactor will stop at the end of the cycle. l To remove the key-knob, turn It to LOCK/OFF. l Remove and store in safe place out of children's reach. l To stop the compactor during a cycle. turn the key-knob to LOCK OFF Then turn it to ON. The compacting ram will rise. When it stops rising. you can open the drawer. I The RESTART Light WIII glow and the compactor WIII shut off If a can i EST. or bottle wedges the drawer open sllgntly. The ram will be in a partly down i;T !Ixp,", the ram: / l Push and hold the drawer shut. 0 Turn the key-knob to START. let It go l After the ram rises and the compactor stops. open the drawer carefully rearrange the load l If compactor stops before the light goes out. repeat