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Transcript of Type 1592 ENGLISH en Operating Instructions Cordless

1 2 a 7 8 b b a Type 1592 3 4 9 10 en Operating Instructions b b Cordless Hair Clipper a a 5 6 b a 1592-1150 * 09/2013 en ENGLISH * The appliance is safety insulated and radio screened. It meets the requirements of EU Directive 2004/108/ Changing the blade set Guarantee EC regarding electromagnetic compatibility and EC Low Voltage Directive 2006/95/EC. * Switch off the appliance using the on/off switch (Fig. 2). 1. In addition to the claims under the law and/or contract of sale which arise from material defects, the Description of parts Exhausted batteries/rechargeable batteries should not be disposed of in household waste. Dispose * The blade set can be removed by sliding it away from the housing in the direction of the arrow (Fig. 5). A Blade set of them in completely discharged state in accordance with legal regulations. * Replace the blade set by hooking it into the housing and pressing it down until it clicks into position rights arising from this guarantee are granted by the seller to the customer. These rights shall not be B On/off switch Charging the battery limited by the guarantee. C Charging indicator (Fig. 5). 2. WAHL GmbH guarantees its small electrical appliances be free of any defects. D Charging stand * Connect the appliance plug on the plug-in transformer to the charging stand socket (Fig. 1). Disposal in EU countries Parts that are subject to wear and tear such as shaver foils, drive components, blade sets, attachment E Charging stand socket * Connect the plug-in transformer into the socket (Fig. 1). brushes, batteries or battery cells are not included in this guarantee. F Attachment comb * Switch off the appliance using the on/off switch (Fig. 2). Do not dispose of the appliance with domestic refuse. As part of the EU Directive governing the dis- The guarantee is excluded if G Oil for blade set * During charging, the charging indicator (C) is illuminated.* posal of electrical and electronic equipment, the appliance is accepted free of charge by local waste H Cleaning brush * Recommendation: the battery should only be recharged when the performance of the appliance has dete- collection points or recycling centres. Discharge batteries prior to disposal! Correct disposal will ** the appliance has been misused or treated carelessly, I Plug-in transformer ensure environmental protection and prevent any potentially harmful impacts on people and the ** the appliance has been damaged due to excessive stress, incorrect use or external influence, J Appliance plug riorated considerably. However, charging the battery for longer than the specified length of time will not environment. ** the defect has been caused by failure to observe the operating instructions, Important safety information cause any damage. Disposal in non-EU countries ** a repair or a repair attempt has been carried out by personnel other than that of a WAHL GmbH For your own protection from injuries and electric shocks, the following information must be observed * It should take around 16 hours for the appliance to charge to full capacity. * Please dispose of the appliance at the end of its service life in an environmentally friendly manner. when using electrical equipment: Battery operation * Disconnect the plug-in transformer from the mains power supply and switch on the appliance to discharge factory or of an authorised point of sale. Read all the instructions before using the appliance! * Switch on the appliance using the on/off switch (Fig. 2) and, after use, switch it off again (Fig. 2). the battery completely. 3. The guarantee period is subject to the length of the statutory period of limitation for material defects of * Only use hair clippers to cut human hair. * With the battery fully charged, the appliance can be operated for up to 100 minutes, before needing to be * Remove the blade set (Fig. 5) and use a screwdriver to remove the screws in the opening of the hous- charged again. This capacity is attained after approx. 5 - 10 charging cycles. ing (Fig. 8). Exert force to pull the housing parts apart and remove the entire drive with the PCB (Fig. 9). the domestic law of the country in which the appliance has been purchased; however, the maximum Only use animal clippers to cut animal hair and animal fur. * Note: In case of insufficient maintenance of the blade set, the operating time can be reduced considerably. * Pull battery off circuit board. If necessary, use a screwdriver to pry them off (Fig. 10). guarantee period is 3 years. * Only connect the appliance to an AC mains power supply. Note the rated voltage on the rating plate. Attaching / removing the attachment comb * Take the batteries to an appropriate collection point. The period shall commence at the time of delivery of the appliance from the seller to the purchaser. * Warning: Keep the equipment dry! * Slide the attachment comb on to the blade set in the direction of the arrow until it clicks into position * Once the batteries have been removed, the appliance may no longer be connected to the mains! The place of purchase and the date of delivery shall be proven by submitting proof of purchase, for * Never touch electrical equipment that has fallen into water. Disconnect from the mains immediately. (Fig. 3). example, the sales receipt, invoice, delivery note or similar document. * Never use electrical equipment in the bath or under the shower. * The attachment comb can be removed by pushing it in the direction of the arrow (Fig. 3). 4. WAHL GmbH shall eliminate at no additional cost any defects that occur during the guarantee period if * Always position or store electrical equipment where it cannot fall into water (e.g. washbasin). Prevent we are notified in writing within three weeks of their occurrence. Repairs will be carried out at a WAHL Cutting with attachment comb GmbH factory or at a point of sale authorised by WAHL GmbH. WAHL GmbH is entitled to remedy the electrical equipment from coming into contact with water and other liquids. The appliance can also be operated with an attachment comb. The attachment comb has 5 detent positions defect by delivery of a appliance identical in construction. Further claims of the customer arising from * Apart from when charging, always disconnect from the mains immediately after using the appliance. for adjusting the length of cut. The further the attachment comb is pushed in (retracted), the shorter the this guarantee, particularly claims for reimbursement of expenses, reduction, compensation for dam- * Disconnect from the mains before cleaning the appliance. length of cut. The length of cut can be adjusted from 3 mm (Abb. 4) to 6 mm (Fig. 4). ages or the right of withdrawal, shall be excluded. Statutory or other contractual claims arising from * This appliance is not suitable for use by people (including children) with physical, sensory or mental Cleaning and Care material defects shall remain unaffected. * Do not immerse the appliance in water! The guarantee period shall not be extended if services are performed under the terms of the guaran- disabilities or who do not have the relevant experience or knowledge of using such appliance, unless * After each use, remove the attachment comb and use the cleaning brush to remove cut hairs from the tee. under the supervision of or after having received instruction in the use of the appliance by an individual housing opening and from the blade set. To do this, remove the blade set (Fig. 5) and press the clean- 5. The parts replaced when carrying out the repairs under warranty or the appliance retained in who is responsible for their safety. Children should be supervised to ensure they do not play with the ing lever (Fig. 6). This allows the cut hairs that accumulate between the bottom blade and the top blade to case of replacement delivery shall become property of WAHL GmbH. appliance. Only use the appliance for the proper use as described in the operating instructions. Only be easily removed using the cleaning brush (EASY CLEANING). 6. If our customer services are called upon without due cause, WAHL GmbH shall be entitled to use accessories recommended by the manufacturer. * Only wipe the appliance with a soft cloth, which may be dampened slightly. Do not use solvents or charge the costs incurred to the customer. * Never use the appliance if the mains cable or plug-in transformer is damaged. If the cable is damaged, abrasives! 7. In case any defects occur, please contact your dealer or the service centre in your country. it has to be replaced by the manufacturer, its customer service or by similarly qualified persons in order * The blade set can be cleaned with hygienic spray, order no. 4005-7051. to avoid dangers. Do not use any other cleaning agents. Wahl India Grooming Products Pvt. Ltd. * Do not use the appliance if it is not working correctly, if it is damaged or if it has fallen into water. In * For a long-lasting, good cutting performance, it is important to oil the blade set frequently (Fig. 7). Use Office No. 201, 2nd Floor these cases, send the appliance to our Service Centre for inspection and repair. Only specialists prop- only blade set oil for this purpose, order no. 1854-7935 (200 ml). X Cube, Opp. Fun Republic erly trained in the handling of electrotechnical appliances may repair electrical equipment. * Blade set oil and hygienic spray is available from your dealer or our Service Centre. New Link Road, Andheri (West) * Do not hold the appliance by the mains cable to carry it, and do not use the cable as a handle. * If the cutting performance deteriorates after long use despite regular cleaning and oiling, the blade set Mumbai - 400 053 India * Keep the mains cable and appliance away from hot surfaces. should be replaced. e-mail: [email protected] * Make sure that the mains cable is not twisted or kinked when charging or storing. * Never insert or allow objects to fall into the openings of the appliance. * Only use and store the appliance in dry rooms. * Never use the appliance where aerosol (spray) products are being used or where oxygen is released. * To prevent injuries, never use the appliance if the blade set is damaged. * Do not use disposable batteries. Rechargeable batteries should only be replaced at authorized Service Centres. * Before the appliance is used for the first time, it should be charged for approx. 16 hours.