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Transcript of Whirlpool ARG 646 A+ Page 4 Friday, April 29, 2011 3:23 PM BEFORE USING THE APPLIANCE * Your new appliance is designed to be used in 1. After unpacking the appliance, make sure it is the household and similar applications such as: not damaged and that the door closes properly. - kitchen areas in shops, offices and other Any damage must be reported to the dealer working environments within 24 hours of delivery of the appliance. - farm houses - by clients in hotels, motels, residences, bed 2. Wait at least two hours before switching the & breakfasts. appliance on in order to ensure that the refrigerant circuit is fully efficient. To ensure best use of your appliance, carefully read the operating instructions 3. Installation and electrical connection must be which contain a description of the product carried out by a qualified technician according and useful advice. to the manufacturer's instructions and in compliance with local safety regulations. Keep these instructions for future reference. 4. Clean the inside of the appliance before using it. SAFEGUARDING THE ENVIRONMENT 1. Packaging Information: The packing material is 100% recyclable and This appliance does not contain CFCs. bears the recycling symbol. For disposal, comply The refrigerant circuit contains R134a (HFC) or with local regulations. Keep the packing R600a (HC) (see the rating plate inside the materials (plastic bags, polystyrene parts, etc.) appliance). out of the reach of children, as they are a Appliances with Isobutane (R600a): isobutane is potential source of danger. a natural gas with low environmental. Caution is required, however, since isobutane is 2. Scrapping/Disposal flammable. Therefore, it is essential to ensure The appliance is manufactured using recyclable that refrigerant pipelines are not damaged. material. This product may contain Fluorinated This appliance is marked in compliance with Greenhouse Gases covered by the Kyoto European Directive 2002/96/EC on Waste Protocol; the refrigerant gas is inside a Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE). hermetically sealed system. By ensuring the correct disposal of this Refrigerant gas: R134a has a Global Warming appliance, you can help prevent potentially Potential of (GWP) 1300. negative consequences for the environment and health. Declaration of conformity This appliance has been designed for preserving The symbol on the appliance, or on the food and is manufactured in compliance with accompanying documents, indicates that this Regulation (CE) No. 1935/2004. appliance should not be treated as domestic waste but must be taken to a special collection This appliance has been designed, manufactured centre for the recycling of electrical and and marketed in compliance with: electronic equipment. * safety objectives of the "Low Voltage" When scrapping the appliance, make it unusable by cutting off the power cable and removing the Directive 2006/95/CE (which replaces doors and shelves so that children cannot easily 73/23/CEE and subsequent amendments); climb inside and become trapped. * the protection requirements of Directive Scrap the appliance in compliance with local "EMC" 2004/108/CE. regulations on waste disposal, taking it to a Electrical safety of the appliance can only be special collection centre; do not leave the guaranteed if it is correctly connected to an appliance unattended even for a few days, since approved earthing system. it is a potential source of danger for children. For further information on the treatment, recovery and recycling of this product, contact your competent local office, the household waste collection service or the shop where you purchased the appliance. 4 Page 5 Friday, April 29, 2011 3:23 PM PRECAUTIONS AND GENERAL RECOMMENDATIONS INSTALLATION SAFETY * The appliance must be handled and installed * Do not use the appliance to store aerosol cans by two or more persons. or receptacles containing propellants or flammable substances. * Be careful not to damage the floors (e.g. parquet) when moving the appliance. * Do not store or use petrol, flammable liquids or gas in the vicinity of this or other electrical * During installation, make sure the appliance appliances. The fumes can cause fires or does not damage the power cable. explosions. * Make sure the appliance is not installed near a * Do not use mechanical, electric or chemical heat source. means other than those recommended by the Manufacturer to speed up the defrost process. * To guarantee adequate ventilation, leave a space on both sides and above the appliance * Do not use or place electrical devices inside and follow the installation instructions. the appliance compartments if they are not of the type expressly authorised by the * Keep the appliance ventilation openings free. Manufacturer. * Do not damage the appliance refrigerant * This appliance is not intended for use by circuit pipes. persons (including children) with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities or lack * Install and level the appliance on a floor strong of experience and knowledge, unless they enough to take its weight and in a place have been given supervision or instruction suitable for its size and use. concerning use of the appliance by a person responsible for their safety. * Install the appliance in a dry, well ventilated place. The appliance is designed to operate in * To avoid the risk of children becoming areas where the temperature comes within trapped and suffocating, do not allow them to the following ranges, according to the climatic play or hide inside the appliance. class given on the rating plate. The appliance may not work properly if it is * Do not swallow the contents (non-toxic) of left for a long time at a temperature outside the ice packs (in some models). the specified range. * Do not eat ice cubes or ice lollies immediately Climatic Class Amb. temp. Amb. temp. after taking them out of the freezer since they (C) (F) may cause cold burns. SN N From 10 to 32 From 50 to 90 USE ST From 16 to 32 From 61 to 90 T From 16 to 38 From 61 to 100 * Before carrying out any maintenance or From 16 to 43 From 61 to 110 cleaning operation, unplug the appliance or disconnect it from the power supply. * Make sure the voltage specified on the rating plate corresponds to that of your home. * All appliances equipped with an automatic icemaker and water dispenser must be * Do not use single/multi adapters or extension connected to a water supply that only delivers cords. drinking water (with mains water pressure of between 0.17 and 0.81 Mpa (1.7 and 8.1 bar)). * For the water connection, use the pipe Automatic ice-makers and/or water dispensers supplied with the new appliance; do not reuse not directly connected to the water supply must that of the previous appliance. be filled with drinking water only. * Power cable modification or replacement * Use the refrigerator compartment only for must only be carried out by qualified storing fresh food and the freezer personnel or After-sales Service. compartment only for storing frozen food, freezing fresh food and making ice cubes. * It must be possible to disconnect the appliance from the power supply by * Do not store glass containers with liquids in unplugging it or by means of a mains two-pole the freezer since they may burst. switch installed upline of the socket. The Manufacturer declines any liability if the above advice and precautions are not respected. 5