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Transcript of Vulcan-Hart VW4S ML-126506 Specifications

INSTALLATION & OPERATION MANUAL VW SERIES DRAWER WARMERS MODELS ML-126500 ML-126502 VW1S ML-126504 VW2S ML-126506 VW3S ML-126501 VW4S ML-126503 VW1SB ML-126505 VW2SB ML-126507 VW3SB ML-126508 VW4SB ML-126510 VW1D ML-126512 VW2D ML-126514 VW3D ML-126509 VW4D ML-126511 VW1DB ML-126513 VW2DB ML-126515 VW3DB ML-126516 VW4DB ML-126518 VW1C ML-126517 VW2C ML-126519 VW1CB VW2CB VULCAN-HART COMPANY, P.O. BOX 696, LOUISVILLE, KY 40201-0696, TEL. (502) 778-2791 FORM 31086 Rev. A (12-98) -1-

Installation, Operation and Care of MODEL VW SERIES DRAWER WARMERS PLEASE KEEP THIS MANUAL FOR FUTURE USE GENERAL Vulcan-Hart Drawer Warmers are produced with quality workmanship and material. Proper installation, usage, and maintenance of your drawer warmer will result in many years of satisfactory performance. It is suggested that you thoroughly read this entire manual and carefully follow all of the instructions provided. The VW Series Drawer Warmers provide an efficient means of holding a variety of prepared hot food products at proper temperatures until serving. * VW-S and VW-SB series have a large 15x20" (38x51cm) over-sized drawer insert. * VW-D, VW-C, VW-CB, and VW-DB series have a standard 12x20x4" (30x51x10 cm) steam table pan insert. INSTALLATION Before installing, verify that the electrical service agrees with the specifications on the rating plate located on the lower rear corner of the drawer warmer. If the supply and equipment requirements do not agree, do not proceed with the installation. Contact your Vulcan-Hart office immediately. UNPACKING This drawer warmer was inspected before leaving the factory. The transportation company assumes full responsibility for safe delivery upon acceptance of the shipment. Immediately after unpacking, check for possible shipping damage to the drawer warmer. If the drawer warmer is found to be damaged, save the packaging material and contact the carrier within 15 days of delivery. Carefully unpack drawer warmer and place in a work-accessible area. 1. Remove banding material holding the carton to the pallet. 2. Remove cardboard carton and plastic bag covering drawer warmer. 3. Carefully lift drawer warmer off carton bottom and place it on the floor or table. 4. Remove legs from the drawer of the drawer warmer. 5. Secure legs to the bottom of the drawer warmer by screwing legs into the holes provided. 6. Remove any and all packaging materials in drawers. -3-

LOCATION For efficient drawer warmer operation, choose a location that will provide easy loading and unloading without interfering with the final assembly of food orders. The installation location must allow adequate clearances for servicing and proper operation. INSTALLATION CODES AND STANDARDS The drawer warmer must be installed in accordance with: In the United States of America: 1. State and local codes. 2. National Electrical Code, ANSI/NFPA-70 (latest edition). Copies may be obtained from The National Fire Protection Association, Batterymarch Park, Quincy, MA 02269. In Canada: 1. Local codes. 2. Canadian Electrical Code, CSA C22.1 (latest edition). Copies may be obtained from The Canadian Standard Association, 178 Rexdale Blvd., Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada M9W 1R3. ELECTRICAL CONNECTIONS WARNING: ELECTRICAL AND GROUNDING CONNECTIONS MUST COMPLY WITH THE APPLICABLE PORTIONS OF THE NATIONAL ELECTRICAL CODE AND/OR OTHER LOCAL ELECTRICAL CODES. WARNING: DISCONNECT ELECTRICAL POWER SUPPLY AND PLACE A TAG AT THE DISCONNECT SWITCH TO INDICATE YOU ARE WORKING ON THE CIRCUIT. WARNING: THIS APPLIANCE IS EQUIPPED WITH A FLEXIBLE ELECTRIC SUPPLY CORD PROVIDED WITH A THREE-PRONG GROUNDING PLUG. THIS PLUG MUST BE CONNECTED INTO A PROPERLY GROUNDED THREE-PRONG RECEPTACLE. IF THE RECEPTACLE IS NOT THE PROPER GROUNDING TYPE, CONTACT AN ELECTRICIAN. DO NOT REMOVE THE GROUNDING PRONG FROM THIS PLUG. * All VW-S, VW-SB, VW-D, VW-DB are equipped with a 6 foot cord. * All VW-C are equipped with an 8 foot cord. Refer to wiring diagrams in this manual (see pages 6-8). -4-