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Transcript of Whirlpool Room Air Conditioners for Slider & Casement Windows Specifications


Window Air Conditioner Selector Guide Product Selection Tools These tools are only a guide. Due to variations in room design, local climate COOLING SIZING GUIDE and occupancy, larger areas may require the use of multiple units to provide COMMERCIAL GRADE RESIDENTIAL GRADE the optimal cooling solution. Please consult your local authorized Friedrich distributor or the Friedrich Technical Assistance team for sizing or Kuhl(R) Kuhl(R) + Chill(R) Chill(R)+ application assistance. Area to be conditioned Cooling Btu in sq. ft. 5000 Description Bold design and All the performance and Good value. Available Good value. Four models COOLING SIZING GUIDE 100 - 150 6000 exclusive features. durability of Kuhl, plus in a large range of with electric heat. 150 - 250 7000 Room size (sq. ft.) Programmability to rival heating. Choose efficient cooling capacities. 24-hr. timer. The cooling guide to the right is based on normal room insulation, average 250 - 300 8000 Functions central systems. Trusted 24-hr. timer. number of sun-exposed windows and two-person occupancy. 300 - 350 9000 OVERVIEW Applications Friedrich durability. heat pump or toasty 350 - 400 10000 Designer colors. electric heat. HEATING SIZING INFORMATION 400 - 450 12000 Electronic controls 450 - 550 14000 100-2700 350-2700 100-1500 100-1500 In heating mode, an energy efficient heat pump will generate slightly less 550 - 700 18000 Timer heating Btus than it would in cooling mode. However, in heating mode, heat 700 - 1000 21000 COOL HEAT/COOL COOL HEAT/COOL pumps use approximately 1/3 the energy of resistance heat, making them an 23000 Remote control COOL & HEAT excellent high-efficiency alternative. Back-up resistance heat ensures heat 1000 - 1200 25000 Control with smart phone or computer with COOL COOL & HEAT COOL operation below 40 F outdoor temperatures for year `round comfort. 1200 - 1400 28000 FriedrichLink(R) (accessory required) RESIDENTIAL AND LIGHT 1400 - 1600 36000 Auto-restart w/setting retention COMMERCIAL AND COMMERCIAL AND RESIDENTIAL AND LIGHT COMMERCIAL Common Window Types 1600 - 1900 Auto temp/ fan speed adjustment RESIDENTIAL COMMERCIAL 1900 - 2700 Auto-changeover RESIDENTIAL Traditional wooden windows are typical in many residences built before Air flow directions 1965, but more modern windows are often constructed of aluminum or vinyl. COMFORT & CONVENIENCE Auto swing louvers Y Y Y Y Many newer energy efficient windows like double-glazed windows actually Optional color fronts 7-day with up to 4 7-day with up to 4 sandwich low conductance gas between two panes of glass. While Friedrich air settings per day*; settings per day*; 24 hr. 24-hr. conditioners may be used with this type of window, care should be taken not to WHICH AIR CONDITIONER break the seal between the two panes of glass during installation. IS RIGHT FOR YOU? 24 hr. timer 24-hr. timer LCD LCD -- -- Depending on the style of window in the application, you may want to consider LCD LCD Y Y the cooling solutions in the adjacent chart. Professional installers may be able -- -- to make field adaptations, including removing all or part of a window to support Y Y -- -- alternative types of air conditioning units. Professional installers should also be 4 4 able to tell you about any local codes that may apply to your installation. Y Y All except CP05 Y Y Y -- -- THRU-THE-WALL INSTALLATION -- All except EQ08 Many models may be installed through a wall so long as the unit's side vents are 8 8 not blocked or covered in any way. See page 17, In-wall Installation max. depth. -- -- Y Y SOUND REDUCTION Steel inner wall and extra dense insulation Y Y -- -- TECHNOLOGY Vibration isolating design and Y Y -- -- Window Type Air Conditioner components Single/double hung Slider Window, portable, Superior airflow design Y Y -- -- Casement ductless Window*, portable, ductless Portable, ductless ENERGY STAR(R) models Y Y Y -- Smart Grid capable Y EARTH FRIENDLY Environmentally friendly R-410A Y Y -- -- Vertical Casement Portable, ductless Energy saver switch Y RoHS compliant Y Y Y Y Awning Portable, ductless Washable, antimicrobial air filter Y Optional carbon filter Y Y Y Y Hopper Portable, ductless Check filter reminder Y Superior fresh air intake/stale air exhaust All except SQ Y -- -- HEALTH EntryGardTM anti-intrustion protection Y Y Y Y Picture (non-opening) Thru-the-wall, Insect barrier All except SQ Y -- -- ductless Slideout chassis Y Y Power cord direction Y Y *May require additional modifications Thru-the-wall installation option Left or right All except EQ08 Stale air exhaust only Window installation hardware Stale air exhaust only, Y all except CP05 Heavy duty INSTALLATION SAFETY Y Y Y Single/double hung Slider (Opens up or down) (Opens left to right, or right to left) All except EQ08 -- -- Y All except CP05 Y Left or right Left or right Left or right Y All except CP05 Y Heavy duty, Standard Standard available as accessory *Requires internet connection and FriedrichLink(R) accessory. Awning Hopper Casement 4 (Cranks out) (Opens in) (Cranks out) 5

KUHL. Kuhl Construction. Kuhl Quiet. Kuhl Comfort. BUILT TOUGH FOR THE For over 125 years, Friedrich Kuhl has been engineered for quiet The most comfortable MOST DEMANDING products have been renowned operation. Materials have been temperature is the one you never APPLICATIONS for their commercial-grade, chosen because of their sound- notice. Kuhl uses multiple built- built-to-last design. absorption properties and every in environmental sensors to moving part has been braced and more accurately monitor indoor Advanced engineering, high- insulated. For example, extra thick and outdoor temperatures so end materials and components, rubber grommets absorb vibration that it can maintain your ideal and rigorous product testing and reduce noise inside, while settings. are just a few examples of steel inner walls and extra dense Friedrich's commitment to insulation block outdoor noise. Kuhl+ models have the ability quality. When designing Kuhl, to cool or heat as needed so our engineers challenged Rugged hardboard side panels help units can operate year-round. convention to develop the very reduce noise and keep out light. The And, like the most advanced best window air conditioner on unique air path is more streamlined, central systems, Kuhl+ the market. drawing air through the sides, away automatically switches between from moving parts. And our larger air conditioning and heating Kuhl incorporates high-end discharge vents allow for smoother functions to maintain the desired materials like heavy-gauge airflow, delivering maximum comfort level. You won't have to galvanized steel, rifled conditioned air quietly. lift a finger. copper tubing, and high-tech aluminum fins. Plus, Kuhl's air flow systems are tested for powerful and precise Kuhl also uses the most air distribution which means durable components to extend faster cooling when you need it the life of your air conditioner, most. including fully -enclosed fan motors that seal out dirt, and powerful, energy-efficient compressors, which make Kuhl as tough an air conditioner as we've ever built. 6 7