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Transcript of Canon Glossy 170g/m 24"

you can Large Format Media Product Information Document Glossy Photo Paper - 170 g/m - 6058B Product Name Grammage / (g/m) Thickness () Width / mm Length / m Mercury Code (EAN128) Article number Canon iPF5100 Canon iPF6100 Canon iPF6200 Canon iPF6300 Canon iPF6350 Canon iPF6000S Canon iPF6300S Canon iPF8100 Canon iPF8300 Canon iPF8000S Canon iPF8300S Canon iPF9100 Canon iPF9000S Canon iPF510 Canon iPF610 Canon iPF605 Canon iPF650 Canon iPF655 Canon iPF710 Canon iPF720 Canon iPF750 Canon iPF755 Canon iPF810 Canon iPF815 Canon iPF820 Canon iPF825 Canon LP17 Canon LP24 Glossy 170 172 610 30 6058B002AA 97003327 VVVVVVVVVVVV VVVVVVVVVVVV V 97003328 Photo 170 172 914 30 6058B003AA 97003329 VVVVVV VVVVVVVV Paper VVVVVV VVVV 170 172 1067 30 6058B004AA Description: This top quality photo inkjet paper has a quality photo coating for high grade natural colour prints of graphic pictures, presentations and photos. The paper is instant dry, is smudge resistant and provides good colour density and excellent image sharpness. This paper is compatible with a large range of dye and pigment digital printing systems, and is the most ideal product for users who need top quality photographic re-productions. Features: Extremely quick drying, dye and pigment ink compatible, good colour density, excellent image sharpness, smudge resistant, lamination not necessary, easy handling. Applications: Photography, portraits, posters, graphic art reproductions, exhibition graphics, indoor and outdoor signage. Physical Properties: Weight 170 g/m 7 Caliper 172 m 5 Curl at 23 C, 50% RH 0 mm 8 Gloss (Tappi) 75 70 5 Opacity 91,0% 0.5 Colour (CIE Lab) D50 /2 L* 95.02 0.5 a* 1.05 0.8 b* -8.24 Printing : For optimum results select the best possible print settings. Advised Driver / panel settings: Glossy Photo Paper 170gsm / GlossyPhoto 170g Finishing: To add surface protection from dirt, abrasion and gas-fading, lamination is recommended. Although ink drying is virtually immediate, it is still recommended to allow a waiting time of approximately 3 hours before lamination. In order to prevent moisture ingress and paper splitting, lamination with a 5-6 mm encapsulated edge is also recommended. Laminate must be evenly applied to the print in order to avoid curling. Both hot and cold lamination is possible. Ideal Storage Conditions: Store paper only in original boxes, out of direct sunlight and under normal climatic conditions ( 23 C, 50% RH ) until ready to use. Allow material to adapt to room conditions before use. Papers can absorb moisture in humid conditions or lose moisture in low humidity conditions. Highly humid conditions make the ink drying time longer and this could interfere with proper laminate adhesion. Shelf Life: 2 years from shipping date when stored under ideal conditions (see above ) `A Whole Wide World of Media Excellence'