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Transcript of Medium Duty Gas Hotplates

INSTALLATION & OPERATION MANUAL FOR Medium Duty Gas Hotplates MODELS VCRH12 VCRH24 VCRH36 MODELS WCRH12 WCRH24 WCRH36 ITW Food Equipment Group, LLC VCRH36 3600 North Point Blvd. Baltimore, MA 21222 RETAIN THIS MANUAL FOR FUTURE USE FORM F-38308 (04-10)

INSTALLATION, OPERATION AND CARE OF MEDIUM DUTY GAS HOTPLATES GENERAL Gas Countertop Hotplates are designed for commercial use only and feature fast, efficient gas heat. Each burner is controlled by an adjustable gas valve. Cast grates and burners are easily removed for cleaning when cool. Model Number Of Burners BTU/hr Input Rating VCRH12 / WCRH12 2 50,000 VCRH24 / WCRH24 4 100,000 VCRH36 / WCRH36 6 150,000 INSTALLATION UNPACKING Immediately after unpacking, check for possible shipping damage. If the hotplate is found to be damaged, save the packaging material and contact the carrier within 15 days of delivery. LOCATION The installation location must be kept free and clear of combustibles. Do not obstruct the flow of combustion and ventilation air. DO NOT install the hotplate adjacent to open burners or fryers. Sufficient air should be allowed to enter the room to compensate for the amount of air removed by any ventilating system and for combustion of the gas burners. Do not obstruct the air flow into and around the hotplate. Position the hotplate in its final location. Check that there are sufficient clearances to service the hotplate and to make the required gas supply connection(s). Provide 24" clearance at the front for cleaning, maintenance, service and proper operation. Minimum clearances to combustible construction are 9" to the back and 10" to the sides. Minimum clearances to non-combustible walls are 0" to the rear and 0" to the sides. -3-

INSTALLATION CODES AND STANDARDS The hotplate must be installed in accordance with: In the United States of America: 1. State and local codes. 2. National Fuel Gas Code, ANSI-Z223.1/NFPA #54 (latest edition). This shall include but not be limited to: NFPA #54 Section for Venting. Copies may be obtained from The American Gas Association Accredited Standards Committee Z223, @ 400 N. Capital St. NW, Washington, DC 20001 or the Secretary Standards Council, NFPA, 1 Batterymarch Park Quincy, MA 02169-7471 NOTE: In the Commonwealth of Massachusetts All gas appliances vented through a ventilation hood or exhaust system equipped with a damper or with a power means of exhaust shall comply with 248 CMR. 3. NFPA Standard # 96 Vapor Removal from Cooking Equipment, latest edition, available from the National Fire Protection Association, Batterymarch Park, Quincy, MA 02269. In Canada: 1. Local codes. 2. CAN/CSA-B149.1 Natural Gas Installation (latest edition) 3. CAN/CSA-B149.2 Propane Installation Code (latest edition), available from the Canadian Gas Association, 178 Rexdale Blvd., Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada M9W 1R3 CASTER EQUIPPED APPLIANCES Hotplates mounted on stands with casters must use a flexible connector (not supplied) that complies with the Standard for Connectors for Movable Gas Appliances, ANSI Z21.69 * CSA 6.16 and a quick-disconnect device that complies with the Standard for Quick- Disconnect Devices for use With Gas Fuel, ANSI-Z21.41 * CSA 6.9. In addition, adequate means must be provided to limit movement of the hotplate without depending on the connector and the quick-disconnect device or its associated piping to limit hotplate movement. Attach the restraining device at the rear of the hotplate. If disconnection of the restraint is necessary, turn off the gas supply before disconnection. Reconnect the restraint prior to turning the gas supply on and return the hotplate to its installation position. If the Hotplate is installed on casters and is moved for any reason, it is recommended that it be re-leveled (see LEVELING). LEVELING If the hotplate is equipped with legs or is mounted on the optional stand equipped with legs, turn the feet at the bottom of the legs in or out to level the hotplate in the final installed location. If the hotplate is mounted on the optional stand equipped with casters, position the hotplate on a level floor. VENTILATION HOOD The hotplate should be installed under a suitable ventilation hood. For safe operation and proper ventilation, keep the space between the hotplate and vent hood free from any obstructions. -4-