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Transcript of Whirlpool Petra Collection User`s manual

PETRA COLLECTION User's Manual Please read user's Manual thoroughly before using pedicure spa

Thank you for choosing Petra series , This finest Whirlpool Pedicure Spa has been develop by UN (United Pedicure Spa) a subsidiary of J&A USA Inc., to bring quality and exquisitely balanced design yet afford-ability and dependability when properly use. Please read this entire manual thoroughly before installation and use PLEASE TAKE TIME TO READ THIS MANUAL THOROUGHLY BEFORE USE. If you have any questions or concerning with our pedicure spa, Please contact our customer service and technical support at 631-243-3336 ext 121, Monday through Friday 9AM - 5PM or email us at [email protected] Important requirements The MFG requires that you contact your local, licensed plumber and licensed electrician to install your new spa. Installation MUST be in compliance with all local and state building codes. Your pedicure spa can not operate efficiently or safely unless it is provided with adequate electrical power, sufficient water pressure, proper water temperature, and required drainage capabilities. Contact your local building inspector for information and local code compliance procedure that need to be followed when having your new pedicure spa installed. Subsequent inspections and approvals that may be required are the responsibility of the purchaser. Shipment Inspection Examine the components immediately upon arrival to make sure no damages to the pedicure spa base and chair during the shipment. It is very important that you notify the driver directly and notation should be on the face of the freight bill or bill of lading of any damage. Failure to note damage on the bill of lading may prevent any claims you may have against the carrier. If concealed or damage is found, you MUST notify the carrier at once and request an inspection. DO NOT DISCARD THE SHIPPING CARTON If receiver sign the carrier clean receipt of goods that have been damaged in transit .Do so at your own risk and expense. Precaution - Do not stand in the basin of the spa. - Excessive water temperature is dangerous and should be checked before use. Maximum water Temperature should not exceed 100F (38C). - Always enter and exit the spa slowly and carefully. - Never bring or operate any electrical device near pedicure spa. - The unit has a weight capacity of 250 pounds. Health Warning Individuals whose feet or legs are inflamed or have open wounds should not be allowed to use the pedicure spa at any time. The technician should advise clients to consult their physician before using the spa if there is any sign of fungal infection, swelling, fracture, or persistent pain. In some cases diabetics may experience improved circulation in their feet, but should first consult their physician prior to receiving a pedicure. If the client experiences any pain or discomfort, discontinue the use of the pedicure spa immediately.

Petra 900 Series Identification Comfort Pillow Back Mechanism Backrest Cover Cover Easy Access Up & Down Remote Controller Armrest Pouch Dual Functional Shower Sprayer Three Stage Adjustable FootRest Granule Bowl Hygienize functional Drain Handle Basin Light J& A US A Drain Knob Standard Pipless Motor Drain Plug (D3) Dura Jet III Dual Functional Shower Sprayer Optional Pipeless Motor (MG) Urethane Footrest Due to the continuous improvement on all our products; Specification, Characteristics, Packing, Colors, Designs are subject to change without notice.