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Transcript of Whirlpool FGS385V Specifications

Ui6R%d Care Guide ROPER Appliances FGS385V FGS395V Thank you for choosing a Please remember NOTE: Because this Use and Care Roper appliance. Guide covers more than one model, It is your responsibility to be sure that not all illustrations shown or features This Use and Care Guide will help you your range: discussed may apply to your specific operate and maintain your new, quality- model. built Roper range. Keep this Use and 1 Has been properly installed where Care Guide in a safe place for future it is protected from the elements, reference. and on a floor strong enough to support its weight, (See the Complete and mail the Installation Instructions.) Product Registration Card. 1 Is not used by anyone unable to This card enters your warranty into our operate it properly. warranty system that insures efficient claim processing, can be used as a proof . Is properly maintained. of purchase for insurance claims and helps Roper to contact you immediately 1 Is used only for jobs expected of a in the unlikely event of a product-safety home range. recall. n Is secured by properly installed anti-tip bracket(s), with rear leveling leg(s) positioned under bracket(s). Contents Page Important Safety Instructions -2 3 Parts And Features Using Your Range Using the surface burners The electronic oven controls 4 Setting the clock : Using the electronic Minute Timer- Using the Set/Cancel button Using the oven ; Using the electronic oven control - ; The oven vent The storage drawer Caring For Your Range i The control knobs z The control panel The surface burner grates and reflector pans z The removable cooktop The surface burners Using the Self-Cleaning cycle 1: 12 Cleaning chart The oven light Before You Call For Service :`i 16 Warranty How to get service or assistance - 16

15. Grease is flammable and should 20. Always position oven racks in 28. Be sure all range parts are cool be handled carefully. Let fat cool desired location while oven is before cleaning. before attempting to handle it. DO cool. NOT allow grease to collect 29. DO NOT clean door seal. It is around cooktop or in vents. Wipe 21. DO NOT store flammable essential for a good seal. Care spill-overs immediately. materials on or near the range. should be taken not to rub, They could explode or burn. damage, or move the seal. Clean only parts recommended in this 16. DO NOT use water on grease 22. DO NOT store things children Use and Care Guide. fires. Never pick up a flaming pan. might want above the range. Smother flaming pan on range by Children could be burned or 30. DO NOT use oven cleaners. No covering with a well-fitted lid, injured while climbing on it. commercial oven cleaner or oven cookie sheet or flat tray. Flaming liner protective coating of any grease outside of pan can be 23. DO NOT leave children alone or kind should be used in or around extinguished with baking soda or, unattended in area where the any part of the oven. if available, a multipurpose dry range is in use. They should never chemical or foam-type be allowed to sit or stand on any 31. Before self-cleaning the oven, extinguisher. part of the range. They could be remove broiler pan, broiler grid, burned or injured. oven racks and other utensils. Do 17. Never leave surface burners not use your oven to clean unattended at high heat settings. 24. NEVER use a match or other flame miscellaneous parts. A boil-over could result and cause to look for a gas leak. Explosion smoking and greasy spill-overs and injury could result. 32. DO NOT repair or replace any that may ignite. part of the range unless 25. Know where your main gas shut specifically recommended in this 18. Make sure surface burners are off off valve is located. manual. All other servicing when you are finished, and when should be referred to a qualified you aren't watching. 26. Keep range vents unobstructed. technician. 19. Use care when opening oven door. 27. Clean your range regularly. See 33. Disconnect the electrical supply Let hot air or steam escape before care and cleaning instructions in before servicing the range. removing or replacing food. this manual. . SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS ' Parts & Features Electronic oven control Models FGS385V & FGS395V (shown) Oven vent \ Surface burners -I ! 1 Control panel Surface burner grates + Model and serial Oven rack guide number plate Oven burner (under cooktop) (not shown) Anti-tip bracket \ Window (Model FGS395V Storage drawer only) Page 3

Using Your Range Right rear Right front Digital display/clock control knob. control knob Models FGS385V& FGS395V(shown) Surface burner marker I \ ~~ When you are not using the oven, this is I an accurate digital clock. When using Left front Left rear the oven or Minute Timer, the display control knob control knob Oven light switch will show the time, temperature settings and what command buttons have been Using the surface burners In case of a prolonged power pressed. failure --I- Push in When showing the time-of-day, the and turn Surface burners can be manually lighted. display will show the hour and minutes. Hold a lit match near a burner and slowly turn the control knob on until the When using the Minute Timer, the burner lights. After the burner lights, display shows minutes and seconds in turn the control knob to the desired the following sequence: setting. 1 For settings from 0 minutes to 1 Control knobs must be pushed in, then Burn, Fire And Explosion Hazard minute 55 seconds, the display will turned to the LITE position. The increase in 5-second increments. clicking sound is the ignition sparking. . Burner flame should not extend beyond the edge of the cooking . For settings from 2 minutes to 9 To stop the clicking sound after the utensil. The flame can burn you minutes 50 seconds, the display will burner lights, turn the control knob and cause poor cooking results. increase in lo-second increments. back to a desired setting. The control 1Be sure all control knobs are knob can be set anywhere between HI turned to OFF when you are not . For settings from lo-59 minutes, the and OFF. cooking. Someone could be display will increase in 1 minute burned or a fire could start if a increments. Surface burner markers burner is accidentally left ON. . If the flame should go out while 1 For settings from 1 hour to 1 hour The solid dot in the surface burner cooking, or if there is a strong gas 55 minutes, the display will marker shows which surface burner is odor, turn the burners OFF. Wait increase in 5-second increments. turned on by that knob. five minutes for the gas odor to disappear, before relighting . For settings from 2 hours to 9 hours Until you get used to the settings, use burner. If gas odor is still present, 50 minutes, the display will the following as a guide. For best see safety note on page 2. Failure increase in lo-second increments. results, start cooking at the high to follow these precautions could settings, then turn the control knob result in explosion or fire. When using Cook Time, the display down to continue cooking. .Do not attempt to light the oven shows hours and minutes. burner during a power failure. Use LITE to light the burner. After the Personal injury could result. Command buttons burner lights, turn control back to a desired setting to stop the clicking of The electronic oven controls The command buttons tell the oven what the ignition. to do and in what order. A few There are three parts in the oven control examples : Use a high setting to start food section: cooking; to bring liquids to a boil. - Clock tells the oven you are going to The digital display. set the clock. Use a medium setting to continue cooking or to fry chicken or pancakes; The command buttons. - Set/Cancel tells the oven to turn off. for gravy, puddings and icing; to cook Each command button (except Set/ large amounts of vegetables. - The Time/Temp Set Knob and Set/ Cancel) has its own indicator. The Cancel button. indicator comes on when you touch the Use a low setting to keep food warm command buttons. until ready to serve. Instructions for each oven control are covered on the following pages. Read NOTE: Do not cook with the control in them carefully. the LITE position. When you first plug in the range, the Page 4 display will show four flashing "8"s. If after you set the clock (page 5) the display again shows four flashing "8"s, your electricity was off for a while. Reset the clock.