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Transcript of Whirlpool RM988PXL User's Manual

01 304NCH FREE-STANDING EYE-LEVEL MICROWAVE RANGE Model RM988PXL I//- Control Panel Defrost Guide Fluorescent Microwave Oven Top light Switch Model / and Serial Number Plate Porcelain-Enamel Reflector Bowl and Oven Front Frame Chrome Trlm Rlng Broil Element Removable Storage Drawer Copy Your Model and Serial Numbers Here Model Number Serial Number If you need service, or call with a question, have this Purchase Date information ready: Service Compony and Phone Number 1. Complete Model and Serial Numbers (from the plate just behind the microwave oven door on the oven frame). safety Information. 2. Purchase date from sales slip. Copy this information in these spaces. Keep this book, your warranty and sales slip together in a handy place. See the "Cooklng Guide" for important


Using the fniaowave upper oven Mlcrowave Oven Controls The top part of the Control Panel has the microwave oven controls. There are four kinds of controls: -The Digital Display/ Clock, -Signal Lights, -Command Pads, -Number Pads. What each of these does will be covered on the following pages. One note: The Command and Number Pads are not buttons. You don't have to push them...just touch them. When You first plug in the range, the Clock/ Display will show 88:88. If, after you set the clock (page 51, the Clock again shows all B's, it means your electricity was off for a while. Re- set the clock. Read the following pages carefully.