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Transcript of Vax Rapide XL User guide

Parts checklist a c b c d d e f e x g y 2 h z aa i r st bb bb p q n o u dd cc m j v ee l w k a Handle l Front suction nozzle w Upholstery tool trigger b Solution trigger m Dirty water tank x Solution/hose clip c Brush on/off n Floor/tools selector y Quick cord release d Soap on/off o Hose attachment cover z Carrying handle e Power on/off p Dirty water tank handle aa Clean water tank cap f Clean water tank release q Dirty water tank nozzle tab bb Hose storage clips g Clean water tank carry handle r Dirty water tank latch cc Power cord h Clean water tank s Detachable tool storage dd Cord wrap i Cleaning solution soap tank t Hose ee Handle release pedal j Drain cap u Water supply connector k Dual brushbars v Upholstery wash tool Putting your cleaner together Phillips screwdriver required 1 2 3 3 Remove your Rapide XL from the Line up the handle to the upper Secure from the back with the two carton with caution. The handle is body of the machine and slide into smaller screws. connected to the body by a cord. place. Note: Do not tug or pull on the cord.

Tool storage 3 4 2 6 4a Slide the tool caddy downwards Connect upholstery attachment to Push upholstery attachment into until it is secured in place. end of hose by pressing until it the left hose clip, wrap the hose clicks into place. around the tool caddy starting on Note: The tool caddy can be the back groove of the storage removed for storage on a wall. caddy. Secure into place by pushing the end of the hose into the hose clip on the right. Press the solution/ hose clip onto the hose to secure the solution tube in place (4a). How to operate your cleaner Note: The float in your Rapide XL is the transparent, pivoting moulded part in the dirty water tank, it will shut off the suction when the dirty - setting up water tank is full. For best results use a smooth steady motion keeping the nozzle flat against the carpet. Tipping the cleaner and breaking the seal of the nozzle against the carpet will cause the float to rise cutting off suction. Once the float is activated, empty the dirty water tank. If the tank does not appear full turn off the power switch and wait for the float to settle. For best results use only VAX AAA Carpet Cleaner. 1 2 3 7 Remove the clean water tank by While the clean water tank is Remove the solution tank by pulling pressing the clean water tank removed, loosen the solution tank up and out. release and pulling the tank by the by gently pushing out the solution handle. Put to one side to fill later. plug from the plug opening. Note: The solution tank can be filled while it is attached to the cleaner but you should use care when refilling.

How to operate your cleaner 4 5 6 8 Remove solution tank cap. CAUTION: Do not overfill. You should leave Replace the solution tank cap. 1-2 cm of air space. Return the solution tank to the cleaner making sure the solution Fill the tank with VAX AAA Carpet Cleaner. tube lines up with the groove in the The cleaner can be stored with solution in the back of the solution tank. Firmly solution tank. It does not have to be removed press the solution tube into the plug after each use. However the solution tanks opening of the solution tank. should be rinsed out periodically. Note: One fill up of the solution tank will last for approximately 4 clean water reservoir fill ups. How to operate your cleaner 7 8 9 Remove the clean water tank cap and Return clean water tank by lining put in a safe place. Slowly fill the clean up the grooves of the clean water water tank with hot tap water and tank with the support posts on the replace the cap. inside of the handle. Rock clean water tank inward until it locks into place.