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Transcript of Canon CP-300 User guide

Canon Card Photo Printer User Guide Foto-impresora Canon para tamano tarjeta Guia del usuari-o Imprimante photo Canon Guide d'utilisation t ( I~~ PictBridge ~ DIREG PRINT DPOF

Please refer to the following manuals according to your purposes. CD Camera User Guide (Included with the Camera) * Shooting, replaying and erasing images from the camera * Camera and printer connection instructions and printing instructions * Camera and computer connection instructions ZoomBrowser EX Software User Guide (Windows) ImageBrowser Software User Guide (Macintosh) * Instructions on how to use ZoomBrowser EX and ImageBrowser These PDF format manuals are available on the Canon website. Please download them from the following URL: : Included with the Printer Symbols Used : This mark denotes issues that may affect the printer's operation. : This mark denotes additional topics that complement the basic operating procedures. 2

Card Photo Printer Paper Cassette Paper Cassette (Postcard size) (Card size)*1 Standard Paper Ink Cassette (Postcard size, 5 sheets) (Postcard size, for 5 sheets) ~ II Battery Pack Battery Pack CP Printer Solution Disk NB-CP1 L*1 *2 Terminal Cover*1*2 ~ Compact Power Adapter AC Cable Cleaner Stick CA-CP100 ~ ~ d- k" ~~ " ~- ~"P& .fij * User Guide (this booklet) * Warranty Card*2 * Canon Customer Support Leaflet*2 *1 Included with the CP-300 only. *2 Not included in some regions. The following products are sold separately. Paper Cassette PCL-CP100 L size* Paper Cassette PCC-CP100 Card size Color Ink/Paper Set KP-36IP Postcard size, 36 standard sheets Color Ink/Paper Set KL-36IP L size, 36 standard sheets* Color Ink/Paper Set KC-36IP Card size, 36 standard sheets Color Ink/Full-sized Label Set KC-18IF Card size, full-size, 18 Label sheets Color Ink/Label Set KC-181L Card size, Multiple (8-screen), 18 Label sheets Battery Pack NB-CP1 L Spare battery pack. Cannot be used with the CP-200. Battery/Charge Adapter Kit BCA-CP1 00 Set including the Battery Pack NB-CP1 L and a battery charger. Cannot be used with the CP-200. Car Battery Adapter CBA-CP1 00 Powers the printer from a car's battery. * Not sold in some regions. 3