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Transcript of IFU MWH 30243 B UK W10880740

EN Operating Instructions

en The Microwave oven is intended ted until it has been repaired by for heating food and beverages. a trained service technician. Drying of food or clothing and Do not use your microwave oven heating of warming pads, slip- for cooking or reheating whole pers, sponges, damp cloth and eggs with or without shell since similar may lead to risk of injury, they may explode even after mi- ignition or re. crowave heating has ended. This appliance can be used by The appliances are not intended children aged from 8 years and to be operated by means of an above and persons with redu- external timer or separate remo- ced physical, sensory or mental te-control system. capabilities or lack of experien- Do not leave the oven unattended if you are using a lot of fat or oil since they can overheat ce and knowledge if they have and cause a re! been given supervision or in- Do not heat, or use ammable materials in or near the oven. Fumes can create a re hazard struction concerning use of the or explosion. appliance in a safe way and un- Do not use your microwave oven for drying texti- les, paper, spices, herbs, wood, owers or other derstand the hazards involved. combustible materials. Fire could result. Cleaning and user maintenance Do not use corrosive chemicals or vapors in this appliance. This type of oven is specically desi- shall not be made by children gned to heat or cook food. It is not designed for unless they are aged from 8 ye- industrial or laboratory use. Do not hang or place heavy items on the door as ars and above and supervised. this can damage the oven opening and hinges. Children should be supervised The door handle should not be used for hanging to ensure that they do not play things on. with the appliance. Keep the ap- TROUBLE SHOOTING GUIDE pliance and its cord out of reach If the oven does not work, do not make a service call until you have made the following checks: of children less than 8 years. The Turntable and turntable support is in place. WARNING: Do not use your The Plug is properly inserted in the wall socket. The Door is properly closed. microwave oven for heating Check your Fuses and ensure that there is po- anything in airtight sealed con- wer available. tainers. The pressure increases Check that the oven has ample ventilation. Wait for 10 minutes, then try to operate the oven and may cause damage when once more. opening or may explode. Open and then close the door before you try again. WARNING: The door seals and This is to avoid unnecessary calls for which you will the door seal areas must be re- be charged. When calling for Service, please give the serial number and type number of the oven (see Ser- gularly inspected for damage. If vice label). Consult your warranty booklet for further these areas are damaged the advice. appliance should not be opera- If the mains cord needs replacing it 3

en should be replaced by the original Liquids mains cord, which is available via our service organization. The mains e.g. beverages or water. Overhea- cord must only be replaced by a ting the liquid beyond boiling point trained service technician. can occur without evidence of bub- WARNING: Service only to be car- bling. This could result in a sudden ried out by a trained service tech- boil over of the hot liquid. nician. It is hazardous for anyone other than a trained person to car- To prevent this possibility the following steps should ry out any service or repair opera- be taken: tion, Which involves the removal of 1. Avoid using straight-sided containers with nar- any cover, which gives protection against exposure to microwave row necks. energy. 2. Stir the liquid before placing the container in the Do not remove any cover. oven and let the teaspoon remain in the contai- PRECAUTIONS ner. 3. After heating, allow standing for a short time, stir- General ring again before carefully removing the contai- ner from the oven. This appliance is designed for Careful domestic use only! After heating baby food or li- The appliance should not be operated without quids in a baby bottle or in a food in the oven when using microwaves. Ope- baby food jar, always stir and ration in this manner is likely to damage the ap- check the temperature before pliance. serving. This will ensure that the heat is evenly distributed and The ventilation openings on the oven must not the risk of scalding or burns can be covered. Blocking the air intake or exhaust be avoided. vents may cause damage to the oven and poor cooking results. Always refer to a microwave cookbook for de- tails. Especially, if cooking or reheating food that If you practice operating the oven, put a glass contains alcohol. of water inside. The water will absorb the micro- wave energy and the oven will not be damaged. Ensure the Lid and the Teat is removed before heating! Do not store or use this appliance outdoors. Do not use this product near a kitchen sink, in a ACCESSORIES wet basement, or near a swimming pool, or si- General milar. Do not use the cavity for any storage purposes. There are a number of accessories Remove wire twist-ties from paper or plastic available on the market. Before you bags before placing bag in the oven. buy, ensure they are suitable for mi- Do not use your microwave oven for deep-frying, crowave use. because the oil temperature cannot be control- led. Ensure that the utensils you use are oven proof and Use hot pads or oven mitts to prevent burns, allow microwaves to pass through them before coo- when touching containers, oven parts, and pan king. after cooking. When you put food and accessories in the microwave oven, ensure that they do not come in contact with the interior of the oven. This is especially important with accessories made of 4