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Transcript of Whirlpool TU 4100 Technical information

Technical Information WP 10 E 15/08/07 Installation and Service -English- INGROUND WHIRLPOOLS WITH OVERFLOW CHANNEL and P ower Pa k Prefabricated Swimmingpools . Whirlpools

General Remarks/Requirements on site 1. General Remarks/Requirements on site 1.1 Specific Use and Purpose Built-in whirlpools with the appropriate equipment and accessories are warm water bubble pools, that are designed for private and family use and are installed 1.2 Subsoil/Foundation in fitness centers, hotels and large bathing areas. Outdoor installation is possible provided special precautions are taken regarding winterizing. 1.3 Power supply 1.4 Fresh water Private whirlpools contain about 700 - 1500 liters of water and are therefore 1.5 Waste water too large to be filled and emptied with warm water each time a person bathes 1.6 Delivery in the whirlpool. These whirlpools are like a swimming pool and need to be 1.7 Noise insulation equipped with a filtration and heating system that maintains the proper disin- fection and temperature of the water at all times. The water needs to be changed about every 2 months. At that time the pool should be cleaned manually. Only clean tap water from the public supply should be used to refill the pool. The water quality should be like drinking water. Private whirlpools emit humidity and sound. Therefore, a steam barrier, a humidifier and dehumidifier, and a whirlpool cover need to be installed, and, if necessary, special measures need to be taken to absorb the noise. The maximum water temperature in the whirlpool can not be higher than 40 C. The chloride level can not be higher than 300 mg/l. If you want to install a private whirlpool in a situation that is different from the one described above and as described in the installation and service instruc- tions, we ask you to please contact us. There are different solutions available, for instance when salt water is used. Inappropriate use voids the warranty. The foundation should be level and firm and have the same dimensions as the whirlpool (see data sheet). The entire base of the whirlpool must stand comple- tely flat on the ground so that its weight is properly supported.There must be sufficient head room above the whirlpool for getting in and out with ease. If the pool is dropped in the ground, the prepared recess clearance in the base plate should be about 10 cm wider than the outside dimensions of the pool. The piping and insulation are located beneath the pool edge. The concrete base for the equipment pack needs to be at the same level as the pool, so that the pumps are always filled with water. The distance between the equipment and the pool should never be more than 5 meters. Total connected load: 400V, 16 Amp. The whirlpool must be connected to the main power supply. The installation should be carried out by a qualified and licensed electrician and in compliance with local regulations. Only water of drinking water quality from the mains should be used. The whirlpool should be emptied into the public sewage system (see diagram fort he proper connection). The whirlpool is delivered on a pallet.The whirlpool should be transported to its destination completely packed, to avoid damage during transporation to the installation site. Immediately upon arrival the pool should be unpacked and inspected for any sign of damage. If the pool is installed next to bedrooms, for example, or any other rooms which according to DIN 4109 require special noise insulation, additional measures will have to be taken.

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