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Transcript of Whirlpool TF 4600 User's Manual

TU 4100 Series TF 4600 Series ru 8100 Series (built-in model) (built-in model) and (free standing model) (shown)

Compactor Dense Pack (ey-Knob In~dica-tor^^ L,i.ght . Start-Off Switch TF/TU Model Series Air Freshener Compartment Bag Retainers \II 1,i' nrawer Monitor Reversible \ Lever-Action Lock "Touch-Toe Dar" Drawer Opener Adjustable Toe P\ late , r,u - Literature Storage (inside door behind handle) (TU 8100 Series) Copy your Model and Serial Numbers here... When YOUneed servrce or call with a question, have Model Number this information ready: Serial Number 1. Complete Model and Serial Numbers (from the Purchase Date Service Company Telephone Number plate'located as shown). 2. Purchase date from sales slop. Copy this Information in these spaces. Keep this book, your warranty and sales slip together in a handy place. There is no warranty card to be returned.

Using Your Compactor 1. Open the drawer. LIH and pull the handle or press the Touch-Toe Bar to open the drawer. 2. Put in the trash. l Load almost any kind of trash. l Wrap or cover wet or messy trash. l Load bottles or cans on their sides In the center of the drawer DANGER: DO NOT compact container or aerosol cans which might contain insecticide, hair spray, engine starting fluid or any other porsonous or explosive products. l Cloths or cans containing parnt liquids, thrnners, etc. which would create a F- fire hazard. l Items that may develop offensive odors such as raw meat, fish, grapefruit rinds, disposable diapers, or personal hygiene items. NOTE: Your Compactor IS designed for household use only 3. Close the drawer; position cycle selector to NORMAL (TU 8100 Series only); turn the key-knob to START; let the knob go. l The compactor will stop at the end of the cycle. l To remove the key-knob, turn it to LOCK/OFF. Remove and store in a safe place out of children's reach. l To stop the compactor during a cycle, turn the key-knob to LOCK/OFF. Then turn it to ON. The compacting ram will rise. When it stops rising, you can open the drawer. The DENSE PACK cycle (TU 8100 Series only) The DENSE PACK Cycle is a convenience feature that allows you to use fewer bags by extending the use of a bag. This cycle puts constant pres- sure on trash to keep it from spnngrng back. Regular use of this feature can Increase bag capacity up to 20% NOTE: The cycle selector should be in the NORMAL position when DENSE PACK-HEAVY setting is not being used. To use DENSE PACK Cycle: l Move cycle selector from the NORMAL to HEAVY setting. l Turn the key-knob to START and release. l The ram will stay in the down position for extra compacting and the DENSE PACK indicator light will come on. Remember, the drawer can not be opened when ram is down and the DENSE PACK light is on. l For best results, use DENSE PACK-HEAVY setting for at least one half hour each time the cycle is used. l To raise the ram, turn key-knob to START or move the cycle selector back to the NORMAL position. NOTE: Fully compacted trash bags will be heavier than normal. Handle with care.